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Heat Resistant RFID Metal Tag

High Temperature resistant and metal resistant tag is a kind of ultra-high frequency electronic tag specially designed for use in harsh environment. It can be installed on the surface of metal material with 3M glue or screw. It can endure high temperature of 200 degrees for a long time (280, 50 minutes, 250, 150 minutes). It has strong resistance to metal and is sensitive to multi-tag identification. It is suitable for production tracking management in high temperature environment.

This high temperature and metal resistant RFID tag is not only stable, but also cheap. It is made of durable flame retardant 4 (FR-4) laminating material and can withstand high temperature (which can be put into oil), high humidity and pressure up to 15 - bar at 200 C. It can also withstand vibration and mechanical shock. In addition, it can resist chemical dangerous goods, such as sulphuric acid and brine. It meets the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and RoHS standards. The protection level is IP68. It can work at the frequencies of North American, European and Japanese standards. The label can also use barcode, two-dimensional barcode and coding.

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