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Installation of "ID" smart pole number plates on transmission line towers

With the continuous construction and development of the power industry, the number of transmission lines and related equipment and facilities has become larger and larger, the transmission lines are criss-crossed, the ground and underground environments are complex, the maintenance process requires a high degree of specialization, and there are many units and personnel involved. It has been built for a long time and there is a lack of data, which brings difficulties to lean management. In order to perform regular asset inventory checks, ensure that accounts, cards, and objects are consistent, solve complex site conditions, and manage transmission and maintenance lines accurately and efficiently, the State Grid Corporation of China organized the development of intelligent operation and maintenance RFID products-physical "ID" pole number plates. Each "ID" pole number plate label is a small database, which can realize the unique identification of assets for the transmission line and cannot be changed for life. The database not only stores asset ID numbers, but can also store location information, asset basic information, inspection and maintenance information, etc., to achieve unified identity management of assets in various links such as planning, procurement, operation and maintenance, overhaul, and scrapping. The installation of the "ID" pole number plate not only allows the operation and maintenance personnel to efficiently and accurately grasp the information of the transmission line system, and realize the asset management data at each stage of planning, procurement, operation and maintenance, overhaul, and scrap, but also the encrypted electronic tag database, Prevent the occurrence of power information leaks and ensure national strategic security.

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