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RFID Fabric Receiving And Distribute Cabinets For Laundry Management

The hospital's dirty fabric recycling and clean fabric distribution due to not timely processing resulting in time-consuming handover, dirty fabric cross-infection, handover data inaccuracy. rfid medical fabric management system research and development, rfid washing management system research and development, the latest research and development for hospital departments to use the RFID fabric recycling machine and issuing cabinet fully functional, intelligent degree, by the hospital's favor.

RFID cloth tag collection and issuing cabinet is divided into cloth recycling cabinet and issuing cabinet, cloth recycling cabinet is mainly for hospital departments to be washed cloth recycling, operating theatre used surgical gowns and other intelligent recycling management. The system automatically records the relevant information of the cloths, the specification and quantity, and transmits the information back to the management system.

The system automatically records the relevant information and returns the information to the management system. The RFID clothes dispensing cabinet is authorised by the hospital department and the operator of the laundry plant will place the clean cloths in the corresponding dispensing cabinet according to the system prompt.
Through non-contact reading, the system automatically identifies the information associated with personnel and clothing; accurately records information on the status of each link to avoid omissions, and can be investigated and managed; correlates with theatre scheduling and uses diverse distribution management strategies to regulate the behaviour of personnel entering and leaving the theatre; humanised functions and the design of the operating interface simplify the clothing distribution and recovery process and improve surgical efficiency.

RFID fabric recycling machine and issuing cabinet supporting the use to hospital departments will improve.
First, the use of RFID fabric collection and distribution cabinets can reduce the number of hospital department fabric management personnel, reducing the cost of fabric management;
Second, the handover between the laundry and the hospital department, all through the equipment to achieve, without the hospital department to arrange personnel, but also without manual inventory, handover data in real time, accurate, transparent, reduce disputes;
Three, intelligent and seamless connection to the RFID washing management system, the receipt and dispatch management of cloth can be extended to the washing link, the hospital department can grasp the data of all aspects of cloth washing in real time;
Four, convenient for the laundry plant to know the data of dirty cloths to be recycled and clean cloths to be used in real time, so as to make advance arrangements for the collection and delivery of cloths.
Five, the system is cost-effective, easy to use and low cost of implementation.

RFID laundry management is currently used in hotels, laundries and hospitals to manage the laundry, by sewing a strip-shaped RFID tag on each piece of cloth, the tag has a globally unique identification code, hospital departments use RFID fabric collection and delivery cabinets, dirty cloth is thrown into the recycling cabinet, the recycling cabinet automatically reads the cloth, the statistical quantity and specifications, without the need to use other reading equipment. The whole process is fully automatic and intelligently visible, avoiding fabric leakage and human losses. The system automatically generates a delivery sheet when the cloth is collected. The handover of cloth between the hospital department and the laundry is completed through the management system, without the need for manual counting or the need for the department to arrange staff, and the handover data is accurate and transparent, greatly improving efficiency and reducing disputes. At the same time, hospital departments can also use the management system to grasp real-time data on the cost of washing, the number of washes, the number of washes and other data, and by tracking the number of washes, the service life of the cloth is estimated, providing reference data for the cloth procurement plan. Hospital departments use RFID fabric receiving and dispatching cabinets and washing plants RFID washing management system, all-round to do a seamless docking, improve the overall efficiency of the operation, fundamentally reduce management costs.

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