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RFID File Management

RFID intelligent file management and control can realize functions such as positioning management, intelligent access, intelligent inventory, online monitoring, and RFID automatic identification of important archive files. At present, smart file cabinets are generally used to quickly identify file information. By installing RFID reading and writing equipment in the cabinet for automatic collection, file management is more intelligent, safe, standardized, and automated. RFID technology makes file management more intelligent.

Archives are an important information resource. Archives management is very important. Through continuous improvement of archives management mechanism, archives management as an intangible asset plays a key role in enterprise management. As one of the key core technologies for building the "Internet of Things", the rapid development of RFID technology has brought a boost to the automation and intelligence of file management.
RFID technology makes file management more intelligent

The advantages of RFID technology in file management
1. Fast and accurate positioning: The geographic distribution map of the entire archive room is stored on the mobile inspection equipment, and the geographic positioning instructions will be given to the searched files to achieve rapid search and filing operations.
2. Easy inventory: the use of RFID inspection equipment can quickly complete file inventory, error checking, and shelf work, which can greatly reduce the workload of librarians while improving the efficiency of file management and reducing errors in loan filing rate.
3. Accurate record of file information: the file handler, borrower, lending, filing time, etc. are all automatically registered by the system to prevent manual errors while ensuring the accuracy of the original data of the file management information system and provide the status of the file Real-time query and report printing.
4. Batch file lending and filing registration management: file management is a very complicated task. There are few file management personnel and many people looking for and borrowing files. The application of RFID technology realizes modernization and automation of file management, increasing work efficiency and reducing file managers. Labor intensity, help librarians to realize automated batch file lending, filing and registration work
5. File RFID tag storage information can be changed freely: The electronic tag has a large access data capacity, and the stored information can be changed freely, which provides convenience for information management such as file attributes.
6. Security: The file management personnel must pass the identity verification to log in to the RFID file management system before they can lend and file the files. For illegal take-out of files, the system will give an alarm. Label information can also be encrypted.

Common application smart file cabinet functions for general documents
File location and guidance: real-time sensing of the file file location with RFID electronic tags attached through the built-in RFID reader and antenna;
Authority management: the cabinet is equipped with an electric control lock, and the door opening authority management is carried out through RFID card or fingerprint, password, etc.;
Real-time monitoring: When an error occurs when accessing files, the system will give out voice prompts and indicator lights;

Smart file cabinets are mainly used in the financial industry: bank important mortgage document management, bank important certificate seal card management, important securities document management; government units: security department file management, public security political law file management, etc.; other industries: automobile certificate management, enterprise Confidential file management, management of important enterprise contracts and agreements, etc.

RFID technology realizes the intelligent management of archives and information, and quickly collects archives, such as the daily storage, query, borrowing, return, and anti-theft of archives. As an information carrier, RFID collects and monitors data in each link of each file circulation, realizes the automatic management and control of file business processing, and realizes a highly efficient work process. RFID technology improves the overall business management capabilities of file management, realizes data sharing, improves the efficiency of file management and control, simplifies the management process, reduces the labor cost of personnel, and provides a more convenient and effective management mode for file management.

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