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RFID Fixed Assets Management

Fixed assets have always played a very important role in corporate management. Fixed assets have the characteristics of large quantity, variety, high value, long service life, scattered use locations, etc., which makes management relatively difficult. In the past, fixed assets were mainly manual liquidation and inventory, which easily caused the inconsistency between the physical assets and accounting information in asset management, and it was difficult to meet the needs of modern enterprise management. In order to improve the supervision of fixed assets, combined with the actual situation of enterprises, RFID technology is used to informatize asset management and automatically collect data statistics. RFID fixed assets meet the needs of modern enterprise information management.

The RFID-based asset management system better solves the problem of information management. The active identification and active positioning functions of RFID have improved management efficiency and realized asset information management. Fixed assets are an important part of the assets of government agencies. Because fixed assets have high value, long service life, scattered use locations, and many relevant responsible personnel, it is not easy to achieve one-to-one correspondence between accounts, cards and objects in actual work. , It brings a certain degree of difficulty to the use, supervision, change, replacement, maintenance, loss, inventory cleaning and other tasks of physical objects. Establishing a fixed asset integrated management platform with accurate data and consistent accounts will have a positive impact on data report statistics, asset structure analysis, asset evaluation, and asset procurement budgets.

Install RFID tags on each fixed asset that needs to be managed, and install RFID reading heads on the channels where the fixed assets may flow. The upper computer system divides the fixed assets into areas or classification management. When the fixed assets move, the system automatically tracks them. Position, and determine the new position, use handheld devices when taking inventory of fixed assets, and write device information into tags in time.

RFID fixed asset management application allows companies to securely maintain valuable materials and promote stable development of the company; improves the modernization level of asset management; conducts anti-theft security management of assets to prevent loss and causes corporate losses; real-time positioning, tracking, and automatic inventory of valuable assets And so on, making asset management automated and informatized. RFID realizes an efficient and intelligent management mode, which can automatically collect RFID electronic tags for multiple fixed assets at the same time, which greatly reduces operation time and labor costs, and improves work efficiency and overall technical management.

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