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RFID Hazardous Chemicals Management

Due to the special requirements for the safety of dangerous goods storage, the storage, transportation and use are relatively strict. RFID technology carries out automatic data collection, real-time control of the status of hazardous chemicals, improves the existing data collection and supervision methods of hazardous materials, and greatly improves the level of safety management of hazardous materials storage. The RFID hazardous chemicals management system is aimed at the current pain points in the management and control of hazardous chemicals.

At present, it is divided into two parts: one is to manage the high-risk chemicals in the cabinet through RFID smart cabinet, and the other is to manage the hazardous chemicals in the warehouse through the RFID management system.
RFID hazardous chemicals management cabinet products: mainly targeted at medical, education, chemical and chemical industries that need to manage controlled hazardous chemicals. The RFID technology effectively solves the disadvantages of the original traditional operation. It can be unattended for 24 hours. The user can take dangerous chemicals at will. People without authorization can not touch the dangerous chemicals. Prevent others from falsely claiming and irregular operations. , Managers can understand the use of hazardous chemicals in real time. Through the RFID intelligent hazardous chemical storage cabinet, you can understand the use status of controlled drugs and related user information in real time. The weighing system of the RFID intelligent hazardous chemical storage cabinet can also understand the weight information of the controlled drugs. The internal temperature and humidity monitoring and camera are integrated. Wait for sensors to ensure the safety of the entire hazardous chemicals control.

RFID is hazardous chemicals management
An RFID management system is integrated in the hazardous chemicals storage cabinet to monitor the status of the items in the cabinet in real time. The 24-hour intelligent cabinet system manages hazardous chemicals without human intervention and can legally take internal hazardous chemicals in real time. Open the door through the task application form and authority. People without authority can not open the cabinet door, and the accountability system is managed. The cabinet door can be opened by swiping the card/fingerprint/mobile phone verification code. The smart cabinet system controls the camera to take a snapshot at the moment the door is opened to ensure that the door is opened for the user, preventing fraudulent use of the identity of others.

RFID management system warehouse management:

1. Cargo location management
An electronic label is installed on each dangerous chemical product, which records various performance and characteristics of the dangerous product, such as storage location, production date, manufacturer, name, hazard, storage method, use safety matters, and transportation safety matters And other information. Then transfer this information to the company's management database so that the company can quickly learn about the distribution status and storage time of chemicals in the warehouse.

2. Warehouse operation
Scan the barcode through the wireless terminal, efficiently handle the warehouse entry and exit, clearly understand the situation of chemicals entering and exiting the warehouse, and implement real-time updates of the warehouse data. It can clearly reflect the proportion of various chemicals in sales in the database, and at the same time, it can also avoid the waste of time due to human reasons and the illegal use of dangerous goods by others. Ensure the safety of safety products.

3. Inventory
Scan the electronic tags of the cargo location and the electronic tags of materials through the wireless terminal, and check the material inventory in real time. In the system, random inspections can be divided into warehouses, regions, and cargo locations, or for specific types, and the entire system can be regularly performed A comprehensive inventory and a difference table are generated to facilitate the analysis and tracking of which materials belong to the materials with low inventory accuracy. At the same time, some materials that have not been used for a long time are dynamically analyzed and warnings are issued.

4. Quality traceability
Through the safety traceability system, you can learn about the production time, manufacturer, and expiration date of hazardous chemicals. In the course of use, once it is found that the chemical does not meet the safety standards, effective measures must be taken in time to report the situation to the manufacturer in a timely manner. Avoid causing greater safety accidents.

5. Query, statistics, reports:
Including customer shipment statistics query, product tracking, channeling management, serial number query and other management reports, inventory dynamic query/detailed list, query, statistics, and report generation of various documents. Form textual content. Convenient for review.

Comprehensive management and control of the warehouse through RFID technology, forming an intelligent and informationized warehouse management. RFID technology collects real-time data on the entry and exit of hazardous chemicals in the warehouse and the usage status, hazardous chemical production, entry and exit, and transportation management. RFID-based dangerous goods warehouse management uses modern information collection technology and information transmission methods to solve the current problems of backward data collection methods and improper monitoring, and to achieve the purpose of safety management such as timely stopping illegal behavior and preventing accidents. The adoption of RFID technology improves the efficiency of hazardous chemical management, makes hazardous chemical supply chain management more scientific, and lays a solid foundation for the safety and quality of hazardous chemicals.

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