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RFID Jewelry Management Solutions

In the jewelry industry, there is a problem of monopoly counter inventory of shops, as the jewelry industry, because the daily sales of products are relatively high value jewelry, the daily inventory of goods is very important, through the inventory of goods work, you can understand the sales of various types of products in a timely manner, help to complete the company's analysis of the figures of the market acceptance of various products, but also to The number of jewelry can be checked to reduce the loss of products, management errors and other problems. But the current jewelry inventory work is basically done by manual operation, and the existence of small volume of jewelry products, the actual situation of a large number of products by a small number of sales to inventory, resulting in a huge inventory work time-consuming actual situation, there are data show that an ordinary jewelry shop to the shop's products for an inventory work, an average of about five hours.

System Components

The jewelry RFID management system is mainly composed of RFID jewelry tags, RFID readers, antennas, card issuers, on-site inventory reading and writing equipment, computers, control and system management software, as well as related network link equipment and network data interfaces.

System process operation

(1) In the management of individual pieces of jewelry: each piece of jewelry is equipped with an RFID tag, and the material, weight and other key information of the piece of jewelry is entered into the tag in advance.

(2) In staff management: Each employee is issued an employee card, which is used to record the employee's actions in the main server and to ensure that no alarms are triggered when the employee touches the jewelry.

(3) In jewelry display: according to the actual situation on site, RFID antennas are arranged in the original display cabinets, display trays, display racks and other types of display areas in the shop. For example, employees need to put the jewelry in the display tray for customer viewing, the jewelry can be taken out from the RFID smart display cabinet and put into the RFID smart display tray for a minute. Before this piece of jewelry is placed back into the smart display case, an antenna mounted in the centre of the smart display tray will monitor this tray. As soon as the jewelry leaves the security perimeter, an alarm is triggered, alerting central management, display case staff and security guards etc. to immediately attend to the problematic area.

(4) During operations such as sales, transfers, deliveries or security replenishments: if the operation is not handled according to the pre-set normal procedures, and the jewelry tag or the employee's work card is not registered in the corresponding RFID Smart Management link, then any abnormal jewelry handling behaviour will trigger an alarm.

(5) At the end of each day, the inventory process is activated in the RFID jewelry management application: the staff first place each tray of jewelry on the RFID-equipped smart inventory table, where the RFID equipment automatically identifies the quantity and condition of each tray of jewelry, and each tray of jewelry is placed in the safe by the shop staff. The system ensures that the goods have been returned to the safe by means of a special RFID smart antenna installed in front of the safe door, and confirms that the jewelry transfer has been completed before the safe door is closed and the system disconnected. At the same time, the specific employees who operate the safe are required to swipe their personal and exclusive employee cards to ensure that responsibility is put in place.

(6) A human touch for VIP customers to increase customer satisfaction.

(7) The asset tracking application can also monitor the transfer of goods between shops, deliveries and other services such as customer returns through RFID reading and writing machines.

System benefits

(1) High recognition accuracy of jewelry tags, avoiding losses to jewelry manufacturers due to undesirable phenomena such as repeated reading, misreading or failure to read.

(2), improve the efficiency of the jewelry offer: the use of RFID handheld solutions, the transition from the traditional dedicated, professional offer to ordinary employees can be quoted, greatly saving the human resources of various jewelry enterprises, reducing the risk of misjudgment.

(3), a variety of countertop read-write, both to meet the reading speed, but also according to the actual situation to choose a different interface, convenient and practical.

(4), the realization of sales intelligent management, greatly guarantee the safety of the jewelry sold in shops; the use of intelligent display cabinets, can automatically identify the number of jewelry in shop display cabinets, real-time reflection of the sales situation at that time on that day, clear display and return of jewelry specific operators and time, for the standardization of management planning provides great convenience.

(5), jewelry tags are read significantly faster, greatly speeding up jewelry inventory and reducing theft losses: for example, 6,000 pieces of jewelry inventory time is reduced from 4 working days to 0.5 working days.

(6), multi-interface read-write connected to multiple antennas, time-sharing work, time-sharing switch operation, largely reduce the hardware cost of the whole system.

In RFID technology to get the rapid development and application of today, jewelry RFID electronic, information management is to strengthen the inventory management, sales management, improve the management efficiency of the important means. The electronic, information-based management of jewelry will greatly and significantly enhance the efficiency of jewelry enterprises (inventory, warehouse counting, inbound and outbound storage), reduce theft rates, improve capital turnover, enhance corporate image, and more effectively provide other value-added services such as advertising and VIP customer management.

The combination of RFID solutions and asset tracking applications not only solves the worries of jewellers, but also facilitates the expansion of their business. For example, RFID solutions can be combined with on-screen reporting to show not only the real-time status of goods in the shop, but also the description of the jewelry being displayed, etc. RFID jewelry management systems can capture and record information on customers' taste and preference for jewelry; and can also save the spending habits of VIP customers on file, providing them with more personalised services and helping to maintain customer loyalty. The RFID jewelry management solution also enables the management of the jewelry shop to track sales and staff activity in the shop, and to adjust the performance bonuses of staff based on their efforts in selling to new and existing customers. The RFID solution also enables the management of a jewelry store to track merchandising and staff activity in-store.

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