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RFID Laundry Tag For Clothes

With the development of RFID technology, RFID scanning channels and RFID handheld reader terminals have begun to show fruitful effects in many fields. As people's economic standard of living improves, the demand for service industries is also increasing. As a new industry, the laundry industry is also facing many challenges, as the laundry industry is still a large customer base for bulk laundry customers like hospitals.
RFID intelligent laundry application system applies RFID laundry tag to the identification and management of individual clothes. Based on ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology, it achieves an efficient work platform for the garment laundry industry to quickly collect, sort, fully automate inventory and take clothes, greatly improving efficiency and reducing error rates.

A mature RFID laundry management system, the first step to take is laundry tag sewing. Because clothes are different from other items, we have to use labels that are resistant to high temperatures/wrinkles during the washing process. So, we use button tags so that they can be sewn on to the cloths to be managed either through small cloth bags or directly.

Because these clothes vendors have RFID address tags sewn on, we only need to collect the quantity automatically through the RFID tunnel machine before pro-washing, which improves efficiency and also avoids data errors, bringing convenience to the customer side of the laundry and providing a quality service.

After all our clothes have been washed, we will again put the clothes inside the RFID tunnel machine batch scanning, and then scan through the RFID handheld terminal for inventory verification, to confirm whether there is fabric missing in the washing process, and list the printed records with the user for handover.

This laundry management system, improves the efficiency of the laundry industry, improves the laundry management supply chain of enterprises, and also realises the visual management of information throughout the laundry management process, making it easier for enterprises to manage.

The RFID technology based garment laundry application system has the following advantages compared to traditional manual management.
A. Reduce manual management work, easy to use and fast;
B. Improved efficiency and economic benefits, saving personnel costs and reducing costs;
C. Fully automatic design to improve service quality;
D. Accurate differentiation of customer categories and preferential services;
E. The system is sensitive and reliable, and the equipment is safe and durable;
F、Record and save customer information and laundry records, and can query and print information at any time.

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