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RFID Metal Tag SRU5010

Physical Specification:
Item RFID Metal tag SRU5010
Size: 50x10mm, (Hole: D4mm)
Thickness: 2.1mm
Material: FR4 (PCB)
Colour: Black
Mounting Methods Adhesive, Screw
Weight: 8g

Functional Specification:
RFID Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
Frequency: (US) 902-928MHz, (EU) 865-868MHz
IC type: Alien Higgs-3
Memory EPC 96bits (Up to 480bits) , USER 512bits, TID64bits
Write Cycles: 100,000times
Functionality: Read/write
Data Retantion: Up to 50 Years
Applicable Surface: Metal Surfaces
Read Range (Fix Reader) 150cm - (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
130cm - (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal
Read Range (Handheld Reader) 100cm - (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
95cm - (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal
Warranty: 1 Year

Environmental Specification:
IP Rating: IP68
Storage Temperature: -40°С to +150°С
Operation Temperature: -40°С to +100°С
Cerifications: Reach Approved, RoHS Approved, CE Approved

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