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RFID New Retail

RFID not matter in China or in the global with more than 3 times speeding grow up before 2015, and growing up with 1-2 times after 2015. In China domestic, RFID mainly use in the application of food traceability, ticket management, gartment application, self-service retail, asset management, logistics application and many other industries, which are increasing.

Apparel industry application: the apparel industry applies two important solutions including warehousing logistics and terminal stores, in which the storage part mainly uses closed tunnel equipment as the core to recheck the entry and exit of the whole container, and the store is center on the PDA or Bluetooth reader to achieve the receiving, delivery, inventory, finding basic business. The expansibility application in collecting the data for customer taking and putting and fitting data collection are leading in the domestic.

The Unmanned retail applications: the main applications in China are divided into two forms: unmanned stores and self-service freezers. The application is still in the stage of market cultivation and technological solution growth.

We not only independently develop and produce inlay and product tags, but also provide system integration and related software and hardware R & D services for customers. The main integrated solution is RFID full chain solution and unmanned retail solution in the shoe industry, covering all the contents of these two retail solutions.

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