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RFID Sports Timing System

The reader technology of the timing host adopts the best and most sensitive RFID reader of the United States Impinger Company, and the host computer is embedded with an industrial computer to ensure the most accurate and sensitive timing effect. The timing mat antenna connected to each timing host can read 450 timing chips (athletes) in one second. Installation is simple and convenient to move, just connect 4 or 8 mats.

The competition tag can be attached to the running shoes or any position on the athlete's body, such as the chest and back. The athlete can wear two identical chips at the same time, which greatly improves the reading rate. The built-in large-capacity battery can open the device for more than 8 hours. The length of the timing carpet that can be connected to the end point of each timing host is up to 8 meters. The software is operated in Chinese and English.

1. The advantages of RFID sports timing
  1. No personnel intervention, automatic statistics, accurate timing, to ensure fairness;
  2. RFID tags have been widely used, the price is cheap, and each tag ID is globally unique;
  3. Some labels can be reused to promote the spirit of circular and sustainable development;
  4. 300 athlete tag information can be read per second;
  5. Athletes can wear two tags with the same number, which can increase the reading rate;
  6. Built-in 40AH rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used continuously for more than 10 hours;
  7. The software is easy to operate, you can know the athletes' results immediately after the game;
  8. Anti-cheating in ordinary circular track races, you can count the number of laps.
2. Composition of RFID sports timing system
The timing system is a set of event assistance system designed and developed specifically for marathon events that can accurately time and simple and practical events. The system is divided into four parts: management software, timing host, antenna, and athlete RFID tags.

01> Sports timing system host

The host of the sports timing system integrates high-performance RFID readers, industrial computers, display screens, and large-capacity lithium batteries. The timing system host has two USB ports, which can expand WiFi, 4G, GPS and other modules, which can be applied to various weather and environmental events. The timing system host can choose 4 antenna interfaces (model: WV-RTS2000-04) and 8 antenna interfaces (model: V-RTS2000-08), 8 antenna interfaces connected to 8 carpet antennas can cover a wide range of 8m. The reader adopts Impinj's R420 reader, which is recognized worldwide as the reader with the strongest intensive card reading ability and the highest receiving sensitivity.

Timing host technical parameter table:
02> RFID antenna (floor antenna, plate antenna)
The floor mat antenna configured in the sports timing system is a very important part of the entire system. The antenna must be thin, soft, wear-resistant and resistant to stepping pressure; identify the tags worn by the athletes, and accurately control the reading distance and reading height range.
The floor mat antenna adopts an integrated design and has a waterproof function. The two ends are equipped with occlusal teeth for easy installation and fixation. The antenna is placed on the runway and does not need to be fixed by a bracket. Because of its special structural design, it can meet the various needs of track events. The carpet antenna is thinner, and the front and rear buffer arc transitions, which makes runners or cyclists feel more comfortable.

Technical parameter table of floor mat antenna:When using floor mat antennas for triathlon, marathon track monitoring, road races and other projects is not appropriate, you need to choose to install a plate antenna. The plate antenna can be placed on both ends of the track with a tripod support. The position is flexible and can be changed. Place it in the position with the best reading effect.

Plate antenna is a kind of standing antenna that can also be hung, and the mounting position is flexible. It forms a fan-shaped radiation area directly in front of it, and the two side plate antennas can be fixed on both sides of the track by brackets and placed opposite each other, thereby forming a crossed stronger sensing area in the middle. The 8-port host for sports timing can be connected to four pairs of side panel antennas at the same time, that is, four sensing areas, which greatly improves the quality of reading. It can also be used with the floor mat antenna, which is flexible and convenient.

Plate antenna

03> RFID tag, RFID tag issuing machine
There are many kinds of athlete labels, and there are waterproof labels that are recyclable and suitable for sports that touch water. The tag can also be tied to the athlete's ankle with a strap or placed on the bib (international competition), especially suitable for swimming, triathlon and outdoor adventure expansion events. Because of its low price, each athlete can carry two identical chips at the same time, which improves the quality of timekeeping while the cost is not high.

3.1 One-time printable sports shoe labels
Disposable labels for sports shoes can be printed with simple graphic symbols and text descriptions using RFID printers.

3.2 Active 2.4G active tag
The active 2.45G recyclable timing tag has a long reading distance, strong anti-interference, and a 100% reading success rate. However, the cost of the tag is much higher than that of passive rfid triathlon race timing tag.

3.3 Number bib label
Passive RFID BIB tags cannot be directly attached to the skin, otherwise it will have an impact on the RFID reading rate, which is determined by the physical electromagnetic characteristics of RFID. Liquid and metal can absorb and shield RFID radio frequency signals. Therefore, our bib tags are treated with a layer of special absorbent material to ensure the success rate of reading bib tags.

3.4 Wristband Silicone Tag
The silicone wristband RFID recyclable tag is comfortable to wear and can be worn on the wrist or ankle. The product has been treated with anti-interference to ensure a 100% reading success rate.

3.5 Bicycle number label

Waterproof and tear-proof paper printing is adopted, the logo is eye-catching, and the RFID tag number is easy to read.

3.6 RFID tag issuing machine

It is used for operations such as writing and rewriting information of the athletes' competition tags.

Technical parameter table of RFID label issuing machine:

04> Game timing software system (V-RTS2015)

The V-RTS2015 software obtains tag data from the timing host, and can provide game results, tailored to provide users with more convenient, more practical and more intuitive timing services.

Its main functions:
  1. Import athlete information and event information in batches, and automatically associate RFID chips;
  2. Athletes can be divided into different groups, and there is no interference between groups;
  3. Real-time refresh of the actual athlete's performance;
  4. Athlete performance can be directly exported.

4.1 Import association
The athlete information is edited in Excel in advance and copied:

Paste the information into the software, and then click to refresh, the athlete information has been imported successfully:

Select "Auto Next" when associating the chip. When the chip is activated via the antenna, the software will automatically associate it with the athlete:

4.2 Personnel Group

4.3 Real-time display

  1. Display the information of the match group at the current match time
  2. Can display the results of multiple groups at the same time
  3. Show the results and rankings of each lap of each athlete

4.4 Results export

The exported Excel information includes: the athlete's single lap score and total score, which can be printed directly, which is clear at a glance.

3. Application of sports timing system

3.1 Physical training of school students

It is suitable for universities, middle and elementary schools, and professional sports colleges. The RFID sports timing system is adopted, which changes the traditional way that the teacher performs the tracking stopwatch test on the tested students. This method has disadvantages such as low efficiency, poor timing accuracy, poor training interest, and high teacher intensity. .

The use of advanced RFID sports timing training system can change the drawbacks of the above traditional methods, so that the student test scores can be formed into a database, the scores are real and easy to analyze, so as to develop a more scientific training test mode, and reduce the teacher's work on running training. Intensity, more time to coach other exercise tests.

3.2 Physical training of the army and law enforcement agencies

In the military and law enforcement agencies, the physical fitness of military and law enforcement personnel is an important assessment indicator. Once the physical fitness cannot reach the standard, it will be eliminated. In order to enhance the scientific management of military and strong law enforcement personnel, the RFID sports training timing system will be the best choice , He can guarantee that under the condition of no external interference, scientific statistical analysis of the testers' physical performance, and retain a large amount of data for analysis, so as to develop a more scientific physical training method.

3.3 Timing of various sports events

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