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RFID Steel Warehouse Management Solution

With the rapid economic development, the real estate construction industry has become another pillar of the national economy, which has driven the rapid development of the steel industry. The use of steel bars has also increased by nearly 370 times after the reform and opening up. It is quite difficult to solve a series of problems of steel bar in inventory management, inventory, anti-theft, delivery of various models, and anti-smuggling.
The traditional management method uses ordinary handwritten labels to hang on the side of each bundle of steel bars, and you need to bring a ladder auxiliary tool for inventory. The manual recording method is very inefficient, and there may be recording errors and incorrect information. It affects customer orders, and the value of a bundle of steel bars is relatively expensive. Sending the wrong goods causes the loss of corporate assets.

RFID long-distance radio frequency identification technology is used to manage, and the steel bar in the warehouse is managed remotely, so as to quickly understand the information of all materials in the warehouse in real time. The possibility of sending the wrong goods has also been greatly reduced. Information such as the quantity and model of steel bars entering and leaving the warehouse is also automatically collected and uploaded in time. Avoid manual handwriting errors. We can see my current rebar inventory information every minute and every second on the back-end computer, which brings a lot of time savings to inventory, preventing the delivery of wrong goods, the loss of company assets and the impact of customer orders. Greatly improved.

System configuration

Tag: It is composed of coupling elements and chips. The tag contains a built-in antenna for communication with the radio frequency antenna.
Reader: A device that reads tag information.
Antenna: Transmit radio frequency signal between tag and reader.
Data transmission method: connect with external computer (host computer system) through wireless WIFI, GPRS, local RS232 serial port, etc. for data exchange.

Working Process
The reader sends a radio frequency signal of a certain frequency through the transmitting antenna. When the tag enters the working area of the transmitting antenna, an induced current is generated, and the tag gains energy and is activated; the tag transmits its own encoding and other information through the antenna; the system receiving antenna receives the signal sent from the tag The incoming carrier signal is transmitted to the reader through the antenna regulator, and the reader demodulates and decodes the received signal and then sends it to the background main system for related processing.

System Analysis

Hang RFID rebar tags or RFID magnet tags on the sides of each bundle of rebars, and attach them to the sides of the rebars.

Install the reader and antenna on the corresponding wall with the tag, and connect the WIFI router to the reader, and upload the data to the background server. The antenna should not be more than 5 meters away from the tag. Adjust the angle. Ensure that the corresponding tags can be read.

In the background software, you can query the information corresponding to the tags read by different readers in real time. At this time, you can set the software to check the existing inventory of the warehouse as long as it takes. The data in each query can be retained.

When the warehouse clerk gets the picking list, he directly inquires in the background software which area of the warehouse the locating essentials are located, and then takes the handheld device to read the label of the area where it is located to check whether it is the product of the essentials. If If it is confirmed that it is the essential goods, you can notify the jib to start lifting the bundles of steel bars that have been swept. When all the goods are loaded, and the truck wants to pull the goods at the door of the warehouse, the warehouse clerk will hold the handheld machine on the truck. Scan all the goods again, and after reconfirmation, the truck can be released.

System Efficiency
1. Improving the traditional management methods of steel bar factories, improving management efficiency, improving management level and competitiveness, and keeping in line with international management level, this is a kind of productivity innovation of enterprises.
2. Solve the purpose of long inventory cycle, unclear accounts, preventing the wrong goods from being sent, real-time monitoring, collecting all information in and out of the warehouse and preventing theft.
3. Through RFID technology, it can be well integrated with the existing security system and ERP system of the steel bar factory, which improves the safety level of the steel bar factory, improves the work efficiency, and makes the warehouse work convenient and quick.
4. By installing a long-distance RFID steel bar warehouse management system in a steel bar factory, it can improve the role of the steel bar in the application of new technologies and promote the development of the management level of the same industry.

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