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RFID Tags For Airline Luggage Identification And Tracking

RFID technology applied to Airline baggage identification and tracking can improve baggage handling accuracy, reduce baggage error rate, and reduce economic loss of civil aviation; especially in the link of baggage security check, passenger/baggage matching, etc., quickly and accurately locate suspicious baggage and make timely treatment, which can reduce the chance of aircraft delay caused by handling abnormal baggage.
Civil aviation baggage management system based on RFID technology
The civil aviation baggage management system based on RFID technology mainly includes the RFID electronic tag attached to the baggage, RFID reader, airport baggage information management system and civil aviation system shared database.

1. RFID frequency selection
Consider the check-in baggage and the actual installation of the read-write about a few meters away, the general use of ultra-high frequency band, can be long-distance fast identification.
2. RFID passive tag selection
The general choice of passive tags, inexpensive, now the market is basically using UHF passive tags.
3. RFID read-write selection in the security channel
In the key point of the luggage path to install read-write, in order to better track the luggage, RFID tags make luggage identification detection more secure and convenient.
4. RFID Airport baggage information management system
Airport baggage information management system mainly includes airport server, airport baggage monitoring center, airport public information inquiry and release platform, passenger baggage information notification and so on. The system is formed on the basis of the original information network by connecting with the reader terminal, which can track and monitor the baggage information read by the reader in real time.
5. Shared database of civil aviation system
Airline system shared database can be connected to the information server of each airport to realize the information interaction of each airport, which is convenient for the airport monitoring center to monitor the whole process of luggage, and also convenient for the passengers to inquire about their luggage routes.

RFID civil aviation baggage tracking management workflow
Luggage is attached to the electronic tag - luggage through the security inspection, sorting, into the cabin of the information prompt - into the cabin and passenger boarding match and arrive at the destination airport information prompt.

1. Baggage tagged with RFID label

When passengers check in their luggage, the staff will print out RFID electronic tags through the electronic tag printer and attach them to the luggage. Among them, each electronic tag has a unique ID information, including such information as weight, origin, destination, etc.

2. Luggage through the security check
The RFID read-write installed in the security inspection channel scans each piece of luggage with uhf label, and in this process, once the luggage is found to have problems, the read-write will send the information of the luggage to the airline's security inspection server through the computer network, with real-time and automaticity.

3. Luggage sorting

In each flight's baggage collects the mouth to place RFID read-write, when attaches the electronic label the baggage passes these baggage collects the mouth in turn, RFID read-write will read the electronic label inside the information, thus judge whether the baggage is the flight, the green light is on, the judgment "yes", the staff will put the baggage into the baggage compartment; Yellow light When the yellow light is on, and the judgment is "no", the luggage will be put back to the conveyor belt and then accept the following sorting.

4. After the baggage enters the cabin, the passenger receives a message

When the baggage enters the baggage compartment of the passenger's flight, the airport information management system will inform the passenger by pushing the information through APP.
5. Baggage entry and passenger boarding match
Baggage/passenger matching ensures that only the baggage of the boarding passengers can be carried on the aircraft. Currently, this is done in three ways: manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically. Applying RFID technology can realize the full automation of baggage/passenger matching, and the information is announced through the network, which is more transparent.

6. Information prompt of luggage arriving at the destination airport

When the luggage arrives at the destination airport, RFID read-write long-distance range automatically identifies the cabin luggage RFID electronic tag, obtains the information of the luggage, and sends it to the passenger through the airport information platform, which really makes the passenger feel relieved.

RFID civil aviation luggage tracking management advantage
Baggage sorting identification equipment all from laser recognition to RFID recognition, luggage tag recognition success rate from 93.53% to 98.14%, automatic sorting manual replacement code rate from 6.14% to 2.02%, effectively improve the efficiency of luggage sorting.
1. Ensuring the safety of passengers' luggage and improving their satisfaction.
2. Effective monitoring of the whole process of passenger checked baggage.
3. Implementing the responsibility of each operation step and operator.
4. Ensure the accuracy of baggage sorting.
5. Fast finding and picking out the luggage of specific passengers.
Aircraft passengers randomly checked baggage is affixed with RFID electronic tags, and the electronic tags record passengers' personal information, departure port, arrival port flight number, stopping position, departure time and other information flow on each control node, such as sorting, loading place, baggage pickup place installed electronic tag reading and writing equipment. When the luggage with the label information passes through each node, the RFID read-write will read these information, passes to the database luggage information in the transportation whole process realization sharing and monitoring.

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