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RFID Technology Applied To School Asset Management

School assets are particularly important. How to quickly maintain and manage school assets in the life cycle? RFID technology for automated information collection to achieve efficient management and control. RFID fixed assets inventory takes physical management as the starting point. Public fixed assets, such as land, houses, buildings, event venues, etc., are used for teaching and scientific research, such as instruments, meters, audio-visual equipment, cultural and sports equipment, tables and chairs, books and materials Wait for control. Ensure that the school’s asset accounts are clear and lay a solid foundation for teaching. The application of RFID technology in school asset management provides an efficient management method for the management of school fixed assets and improves the efficiency of fixed asset inventory and management.

Asset inventory management based on RFID technology, data collection of RFID electronic tags attached to fixed assets (the tags are entered in advance of asset information) by using RFID handheld terminal devices, and finally the data is transmitted to the fixed asset management system for data integration and cleaning , Check, inventory and other operations, and finally generate reports.

When colleges and universities purchase assets, relevant management departments of colleges and universities need to install RFID electronic tags when they want to enter the account for processing, and enter relevant information about the assets in the RFID electronic tags. The information in the RFID electronic tag can be added, modified, and checked according to actual needs. Every time the asset information is operated, the RFID reader will automatically identify the relevant information in the RFID electronic tag and send it to the server for processing, thereby completing the tracking and management of the asset. In the process of using RFID technology to register fixed assets in colleges and universities, a series of steps such as RFID electronic tag entry, RFID electronic tag locking, and RFID electronic tag attachment need to be completed.

The RFID electronic tag issuer binds the physical information and identity of the RFID electronic tag, and enters the time, model, name, value, location, etc. of the asset into the RFID electronic tag. After the relevant information is entered, the RFID electronic tag is locked, and the relevant asset management department will perform post-maintenance in the subsequent period to avoid the use of the department to modify the asset information. RFID electronic tag attachment is to solidify asset information and attach tags containing all asset information to related equipment. Specific attachment methods include pasting, embedding, etc., which can be selected according to the characteristics of the asset.

Colleges and universities can use asset management equipment based on RFID technology to conduct inspections during the process of taking inventory of fixed assets. Based on RFID technology, colleges and universities can carry out full life cycle management of assets, tracking the entire process of asset purchase, acceptance, storage, requisition, change, and scrap. The entire management process does not require manual operation. In the process of using RFID technology, the fixed asset management of universities can also be extended to various areas of universities based on the entire university network, so that the scattered assets of universities can be unified on the asset management platform to ensure that the financial departments, asset management departments, and The asset use department can accurately check in the process of checking accounts, and strengthen the management of fixed assets by the asset use department.

The RFID fixed asset inventory check system is of great significance for the management of school fixed assets, and it is revolutionary for traditional management methods and bar code management of fixed assets. The application of RFID technology not only saves time and effort, solves the problem of huge asset management, but also greatly improves management efficiency and enhances the school's modern management methods. RFID technology realizes clear management of fixed assets, guarantees the integrity of assets, prevents asset loss, holds accountability to people, and manages effectively. All-round, whole-process management provides school decision-makers with a basis for decision-making in managing fixed assets, and improves overall asset management and operational efficiency.

The RFID asset management system uses RFID technology to automatically collect data, and uses RFID electronic tags as the information carrier of asset identification to improve the efficiency of asset management and ensure the best use and safe flow of tangible assets. Gradually form a set of advanced, standardized, and optimized management mechanisms. RFID technology realizes comprehensive visibility of assets and real-time update of information, which is convenient for monitoring and tracking.

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