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RFID Tool management

Tools play a very important role. For operators in any industry, tools are an indispensable asset and helper. The management and maintenance of tools has become a major focus of management and control. How to effectively prevent and reduce tool loss, collection, return, search and maintenance of tools and other aspects of management and control? The emergence of RFID tool management applications has achieved efficient and intelligent tool management. Special customized tool cabinets equipped with RFID readers and UHF passive anti-metal tags can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool management, and achieve cross-organization and cross-departmental information sharing. RFID technology makes tool management orderly.

RFID tool management has different requirements and implementation methods in different industry fields. Commonly used scenarios are introduced:

Railway line maintenance tool management. There are many types of railway line maintenance tools, with large differences in specifications and scattered use occasions. It has always been a difficult point for management. After installing RFID electronic tags on each tool, you can install RFID UHF read and write at the door of the warehouse. The device recognizes the tools that enter and exits and performs authorization management. UHF readers can also be installed on the construction vehicle to monitor the tools on the vehicle in real time, so as to bring back how many tools are brought out, and real-time reminders when tools are dropped.

Aircraft maintenance tool management, aircraft maintenance tools and parts have a wide variety and high prices. The realization of more intelligent management has always been the hope of airlines. RFID electronic tags are installed on parts and tools, and RFID readers are installed. In the box, the reader in the box is powered by a battery, and the data is connected to the cloud in real time through wireless. The staff can apply for the tool box through the APP. After the repair work is completed, you can check whether the returned tool is placed in the APP Back, all tools and toolboxes can be checked in the background management software to find the actual location, bring out people, and install tools.

High-speed rail and other large-scale equipment production tool management. When high-speed rail, ships, and large-scale equipment are produced, a staff member has to bring many tools to each section for construction, which brings great difficulties to the management of tools. RFID readers are installed in the application. After managing the vehicle with computer tools, tool management becomes simple. UHF readers are installed in the tool vehicle to monitor the tools on the vehicle in real time. The display screen on the vehicle can display the type and quantity of tools in real time. You can open the drawer of the tool cart by swiping the card to prevent the tools from falling and save the staff time for tool management.

Tool management in prison labor sites. As a special occasion, tools such as dangerous materials must be strictly managed. Losing one of them will bring very big security risks. This is the need to install at key nodes and labor sites. RFID reader, real-time monitoring tool location and usage.

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