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RFID UHF Laundry Tag Makes Laundry Process Easy

The laundry industry has been exploring intelligent control information, gradually evolving from hangtag barcodes, QR codes and RFID laundry chip. Through the use of RFID technology, very high efficiency has been achieved in the control of high volume laundry business segments. The commercial laundry industry currently has a large amount of laundry for control and it is imperative to establish an information collection platform. RFID technology has been widely used in hotels, hospitals, factory uniforms and other clothing and textiles collection, disinfection, industrial laundry, sorting and distribution and other control links, RFID can quickly complete the inventory of laundry products and in and out of storage work. RFID technology helps to achieve intelligent management, greatly improving efficiency and largely reducing the rate of error. Laundry RFID tags makes laundry control safer.

UHF RFID laundry tags are usually sewn onto the laundry and are read at every stage of processing, thus managing the entire process of uniforms and laundry through laundry equipment. These tags must be resistant to the chemicals used in the washing process and the high temperatures used in the washing, drying and ironing process.
For medical institutions, on the one hand, the disinfection experienced by the average soiled fabric consists of chemical and moist heat disinfection during the washing process and dry heat disinfection during the drying process, several rounds of chemical plus physical disinfection to guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of the fabric. For heavily contaminated fabrics, or even infected fabrics, the disinfection method is even stricter, both in terms of the amount of disinfectant and the temperature of washing and drying, and strict controls are made to ensure the quality of disinfection. On the other hand, large medical laundry enterprises medical fabrics from sorting, washing, disinfection to drying, folding, packing have achieved by far the greatest degree of mechanical automation operation, to avoid dirty fabrics to people caused by cross-infection, but also to avoid people to clean fabrics caused by secondary pollution.

RFID laundry tags how to manage laundry?RFID tags to manage the workflow of laundry.

1. Register clothing information: first, to register the clothing information, such as number, name, type, belonging to the section, belonging to the person, etc., for the code for preparation.
2. Print and fix the label: write the registered clothing information into the chip of the washing label, and print the relevant information on the label, and fix the label to the clothing;
3. Distribution of clothing: clothing and laundry RFID tags have been bound, with RFID reader or scanner gun for inventory, generate reports, the distribution of clothing to the hands of relevant personnel use.
4. Dirty clothing classification and storage: clothing dirty, need to be washed, the clothing collection, through the fixed RFID scanner gun on the clothing label reading, RFID management system will automatically record the storage time, data, operators and other information, and automatically print the in and out voucher.
5. Clean clothing classification, out of the warehouse: clothing washing, drying well after, through the RFID washing tags for classification, and then out of the warehouse, transported to the appropriate use of the department.

RFID tags laundry how to manage laundry and the advantages of.
1、Automatic generation of statistical reports: read by RFID reader or scan gun, can automatically generate analysis reports, but also according to the demand for export data, you can scientific management of washing clothes.
2、History enquiry: As long as the scanning has been carried out, the system can automatically record the information of RFID washing chip, which can be found at any time.

At present, especially for medical dirty fabrics in the manual collection and sorting process is more demanding and cumbersome, there will be sown with potentially infectious germs of flying dust or aerosol, so there is a certain on the hospital public occasions (including outpatient and emergency, each department ward, etc.) of the environment caused by air pollution, fabric collection personnel occupational exposure and cross-infection risk. RFID technology can achieve non-contact collection of dirty fabrics. Automatic identification collection will be able to know which department and ward the medical fabric comes from and which category it is.

Based on RFID technology, automatic data collection is carried out for each operational link of fabric delivery, handover, in and out of storage, automatic sorting, inventory and other data, and the collection data is uploaded to the back-end system in real time through RFID to grasp the status information of each link in real time and carry out real-time statistics. It realises the visualisation of the whole process of laundry management and provides real-time data support for the scientific management of the enterprise. It realises laundry automation, digitalisation, standardisation and visualisation. Gives each piece of clothing its own unique 'ID card' - UHF RFID Laundry tag.

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