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RFID Vehicle Windshield Tag

The automobile electronic identification system is a typical application of RFID in urban traffic. By pasting the automobile electronic identification on the front windshield of the vehicle, laying reading and writing base stations on the urban road, real-time and accurate collection of vehicle information can break through the bottleneck of the original traffic information acquisition technology and achieve accurate identification of vehicle identity and vehicle letters. Dynamic collection of information and mass collection of traffic information can effectively improve the level of intelligent vehicle management and meet the application needs of urban traffic management.

Based on RFID technology, the automobile electronic logo has formed a perfect security system of anti-cloning, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering and anti-illegal reading, which ensures the unique correspondence between the automobile and the automobile electronic logo, and can be used for the detection and control of illegal vehicles such as false suits, stealing and robbing vehicles, vehicle trajectory tracking and backtracking, regional traffic. The application of dynamic control and other vehicle-related public security management can enhance the ability of vehicle identification and accurately crack down on all kinds of vehicle-related illegal and criminal activities.

The vehicle electronic identification based on RFID technology can realize the qualification management of urban Taxis and other operating vehicles, the priority management of bus signals, and the electronic collection and inspection of road and bridge fees. By reading the vehicle usage information stored in the vehicle electronic logo, the traffic supervision department can implement targeted traffic operation management for vehicles of different purposes, such as buses, operational vehicles, school buses, etc., to enhance the management of special vehicles and create a healthy and orderly urban traffic operation environment. At the same time, the vehicle electronic identification system based on RFID technology can accurately check the vehicle payment information, realize the electronic collection of vehicle-related fees, and improve the collection rate of all kinds of vehicle-related fees.

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