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RFID Washable Tags Will Make Washing Tasks Easy

It plays an important role in the clothing recognition and management by using RFID laundry tags, the use of ultra-high frequency RFID laundry chip to achieve the laundry industry rapid receipt of clothes, sorting, automatic inventory, take the clothes of efficient management, so greatly improve efficiency, reduce the error rate. RFID fabric management through the installation of RFID washable tags, the use of RFID tabletop type, handheld, fixed read-write automatic identification of each management The intelligent management mode of the process allows garment fabric to be better managed. Through the waterproof UHF RFID laundry tag, accurately complete the unified recycling, logistics and acceptance, greatly improving the unified management efficiency.
Work process introduction

1. Pre-recording of laundry tag rfid information
Before the clothing is delivered for use, it is necessary to use the pre-recording function to register the clothing information. For example, the following information can be registered: clothing number, clothing name, clothing category, clothing department, clothing person, notes, etc.
All information will be stored in the database after the pre-recording is completed. At the same time read-write will label on the clothing re-encoding, in order to carry out secondary inspection and classification management. The pre-recorded laundry can be distributed to the various departments for use.

2. Sorting and storage of laundry
When the clothes get laundry, can through the fixed or hand-held read-write reads the label number on the clothes, then inquires the corresponding information in the database and displays on the screen in order to carry on the classification and examination of the clothes.
Here you can check whether the laundry has been pre-recorded, whether it has been misplaced, etc. The system automatically records the time, data and operator after the storage operation has been completed and automatically prints the incoming and outgoing vouchers.

3. Clean laundry picking and discharging
Clean laundry can be read by fixed or hand-held reader, and then the corresponding information can be queried in the database and displayed on the screen so that the laundry can be classified and checked. The system automatically records the time, data and operator information after the warehouse operation is completed and automatically prints out the warehouse voucher. The finished laundry can then be distributed to the corresponding departments for use.

4. Generate statistical analysis reports by specified time
According to the needs of the customer, the data stored in the database can be used to generate a variety of analytical reports to help improve the management of the laundry.

5. History search
By scanning the uhf laundry tag or entering the number, you can quickly search for information such as laundry records.
The above describes the most conventional laundry application, the main advantages are
a. Batch scanning for identification, no need to scan individually, convenient for manual handover and management work, easy to use and fast;
b. Improve efficiency and economic benefits, saving staff costs and reducing costs;
c. Record laundry information, can generate all kinds of reports, can be checked at any time and history tracking and print out the required information.

A button-shaped (or tag-shaped) uhf button laundry tag is sewn onto each piece of cloth, and the rfid luandry tag has a globally unique identification code, i.e. each piece of cloth will have a unique management identification until the cloth is scrapped (the tag can be reused, but not beyond the life of the tag itself). In the whole cloth use, washing management, through the RFID handheld reader automatically record the cloth use status, washing times. It supports the batch reading of tags during the handover of laundry, making the handover of laundry tasks simple and transparent and reducing business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the number of washings, it can provide users with a prediction of the current service life of the cloths and provide predictive data for procurement planning.

The flexible UHF RFID wash tag is autoclavable for durability, small and robust, chemical resistant, washable and dry cleanable at high temperatures. Sewn onto clothing, it can assist in automatic identification and information collection, and is widely used in laundry management, uniform rental management, garment inlet and outlet management and other fields to reduce labour costs and improve efficiency, and is suitable for hospitals, factories and other environments with stringent usage requirements.

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