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RFID fixed assets management technology

As an important part of corporate assets, how to effectively manage fixed assets scientifically? It has always been a concern. Let enterprise assets use high efficiency, good maintainability, and long service life. Fixed assets generally have the characteristics of large quantity, variety, high value, long service life, scattered use locations, etc., which makes management more difficult and intangible. The workload of managers. Manual data collection is slow and inefficient, and it can no longer meet the current corporate management. RFID automatic identification and collection technology fills enterprise asset management with vitality and realizes intelligent management.

In order to improve the supervision of fixed assets, combined with the actual situation of enterprises, the application of RFID asset management is of great significance:
1) Ensure the safety of valuable materials, the stability of enterprise development and the protection of self-interests;
2) Improve the modernization level of the company's valuable asset management work and reduce the work intensity of safety management;
3) Carry out the anti-theft safety management of assets to prevent the occurrence of loss or leakage;
4) Real-time positioning, tracking, automatic inventory, etc. of valuable assets, making asset management automated and intelligent;
5) Liberation of labor, saving management costs, and greatly improving the management level;

It integrates high-tech long-distance radio frequency identification technology, short-distance radio frequency technology and multi-user anti-collision technology monitoring technology, tags, locators, readers, communication gateways, etc., and adopts a new embedded microprocessor and embedded The software is designed with strong signal penetration, no electromagnetic pollution to the human body, and strong environmental adaptability. It can locate multiple tags at the same time and realize wireless alarm. At present, this new information recognition, access, transmission, and management technology has been It was quickly recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts.

Value and advantages of asset management system
The RFID-based asset management system better solves the problem of information management. The active identification and active positioning functions of RFID have improved management efficiency and realized asset information management.

At the same time, the system also has the following advantages:
1) Safe for the human body
The radio frequency RFID reader/writer itself only accepts signals and does not send out any signals. The influence of radio frequency signals generated by radio frequency tags on the human body is in full compliance with the national electromagnetic radiation protection regulations (GB9175-88 GB8702-88).

2) High reliability
Stability and reliability are the biggest challenges. Frequent false alarms and false alarms are never allowed.

3) The positioning of a large number of assets is not omitted
We have solved the problems of long distance, large flow, and ultra-low power consumption, and fundamentally improved the performance of the product. This ensures that the system can effectively reduce the collision rate of radio frequency positioning signals in the air in the case of high-density positioning of radio frequency tags, and greatly reduce the probability of radio frequency signal reception loss.

4) Highly compatible
The system is compatible with mainstream video interfaces. When an alarm occurs, the on-site video surveillance images can be immediately accessed to help managers analyze the scene of the incident, allowing them to make correct judgments on the alarm more intuitively.

5) Convenient maintenance
The system provides automatic maintenance functions for electronic tags and positioning equipment, and fault detection functions for radio frequency RFID readers, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the system.

RFID asset management has been embodied in many fields. RFID technology realizes strict control of the access to each fixed asset carrier, while ensuring the efficiency and speed of actual operation. Make asset management truly intelligent.

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