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RFID has high efficiency and intelligence in inventory counting

With the huge changes in the supply chain field, RFID technology has the unique advantages of long identification distance, fast speed, high accuracy, not easy to damage, large capacity, etc., and is rapidly adopted in various industries and applications. RFID technology has greatly improved the efficiency and transparency of supply chain management. RFID has high efficiency and intelligence in inventory counting.

RFID technology warehouse management is aimed at warehouse arrival detection, warehousing, outbound, distribution, warehouse transfer, application of RFID technology, RFID technology, RFID technology, etc. The automatic collection of data in each operation link such as inventory makes the speed and accuracy of data in each link of warehouse management more intelligent, which is convenient for enterprises to manage warehoused goods.

Automatic entry and exit:

The handheld RFID reader can read and write at a distance of 2-5 meters, and the fixed reader can read and write at a distance of 12 meters. It effectively solves the problem of manually scanning the barcode in the past when storing barcodes, realizes automatic entry and exit, and greatly improves the labor cost of the warehouse and the efficiency of the forklift.

Multi-label group reading:

Once the tag enters the magnetic field, the RFID reader can read the tag information instantly; using the anti-collision technology of RFID and UHF fixed readers, hundreds of tags can be read instantly, which greatly improves the scanning efficiency. Reduce labor costs.

Reading without screen barriers:

When scanning traditional barcodes, labels cannot be shielded. RFID can penetrate non-metallic and non-liquid materials, such as paper, wood, and plastic, for penetrating communications without the need for a light source. Provide a better scanning experience, can quickly check the goods, find the goods and inventory. It is a warehouse management accelerator.

Large data capacity:

The capacity of one-dimensional barcodes is 50 bytes, the maximum capacity of two-dimensional barcodes can store 2 to 300 characters, and the maximum capacity of RFID tags is megabytes. With the development of storage media, data capacity is also expanding. In the future, the amount of information that items need to carry will increase, and the demand for label expansion capabilities will increase accordingly.

Adapt to harsh environments:

RFID radio communication makes it applicable to dust, oil and other highly polluted environments and radioactive environments, with a life span of more than 10 years (100,000 years of reading and writing); traditional barcode carrier label paper is easily contaminated. In addition, because the barcode is attached to the plastic bag or the outer packaging carton, it is particularly easy to break; RFID tags are used to store data in the chip, which can prevent pollution, and RFID has anti-pollution and durability.


The content of the RFID tag can be changed. Its direct advantage is that RFID tags can be reused. It can eliminate the situation that traditional barcode labels can only be used once. It can effectively reduce the cost of corporate consumables (companies that use barcode storage systems buy a large number of labels and ribbons each year).

High security:

RFID electronic tags can not only be embedded or attached to products of different shapes and types, but also set password protection for the reading and writing of tag data, which has higher security; its data content can be protected by a password, Makes its content less likely to be forged and forged, with higher security.

Diversified shapes:

RFID does not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of the paper to achieve reading accuracy, so it is more suitable for miniaturization and various forms of embedding or attaching to products of different shapes and types.

Through UHF RFID mobile handheld device or fixed reading the RFID electronic tag information of the goods, the information is quickly collected for data statistics. The inventory collection of RFID technology not only saves a lot of human resources, reduces labor costs, but also improves work efficiency and accuracy, and reduces enterprise losses. The RFID handheld terminal makes quick inventory, which increases the inventory speed by more than several times, and automatically generates inventory reports. Real-time grasp of asset information for each asset, full life cycle management, improve management efficiency, and reduce error rate. Realize asset automation information management through RFID technology.

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