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RFID Jewelry Smart Store Management

Jewelry not only has the characteristics of decoration and beauty, but also has the advantages of preservation and appreciation. The jewelry market has always maintained rapid growth, and asset management in the jewelry industry has become a new generation of challenges. The inventory of jewelry stores and warehousing logistics is the top priority. RFID smart store jewelry management is to bind RFID technology to the identity of jewelry. In the managed stores, warehousing, and logistics, RFID electronic tags are attached to valuable jewelry products, and the number of jewelry in the counter and storage is automatically collected. information.

SEIKO RFID Technology Ltd. was found in 2008 with a registered capital of 5 million USD, it has built state of the art flip-chip, converting and injection production lines in the workshop, it has equipped 3D printer, ASM wire welding machine, antenna laser, PCB  bonding device and performance testing machine for new product development.  We are dedicated to drive ODM/OEM RFID tags development, innovation and manufacturing. Our main product includes RFID paper label, WET inlay, RFID metal tag, RFID laundry tag, rfid ear tag, RFID silicone wristband, and NFC ,etc.

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