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RFID Demand Forecast

According to the statistics of third-party market research institutions IDTechEX and RAIN RFID Alliance, both of them are very similar. Over the past year, global RAIN RFID tag shipments have reached 12 billion, maintaining an overall annual growth rate of about 20% (2016 is an exception, the growth rate is very large). Many label usage concentrates on apparel industry applications. In terms of quantity, the current number of electronic tags used by users in the garment retail industry is about 7 to 8 billion. Targeting at the global stock of about 80 billion pieces of clothing goods, the application of RFID tags in clothing only accounts for 10%, and the following growth space is very large. In theory, it should be 90%.

In addition to clothing, we can also see a number of rich application scenarios such as pharmaceuticals, blood samples, retail clothing, automotive parts, air baggage cargo, logistics, aviation equipment accessories, food and other items, showing the rapid growth of demand for RAIN RFID. The market value of all things interconnection must be trillion. RAIN RFID tags account for almost 0.1% of the total. The remaining 99.9% of the products are connected. It is worth thinking about how to accelerate the popularization of RAIN RFID. This is the trend, and the overall market growth will accelerate.

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