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RFID On Metal Tag

The antenna form of anti-metal tags and the special design of packaging are all aimed at the application of anti-metal tags on the metal level. Why do we need anti-metal tags? Because tags are propagated by electromagnetic waves, they can shield electromagnetic waves in metal and liquid environments.

1. The most commonly used method is to attach a layer of magnetic absorbing material behind the RFID tag. The permeability of the absorbing material is usually higher than that of the metal material, so as to change the magnetic field environment of the RFID tag and adjust the tag and reader to the same frequency, so that the RFID tag can read normally. Now.

2. Making Label Mould
With a certain distance between the pad and metal, the influence of electromagnetic wave on the tag will be relatively reduced.

3. Ceramic label

Ceramic molecular gap is relatively large, and it will not be affected by electromagnetic interference, which improves the efficiency of the interpreter to interpret the RFID tag. Because ceramics are very fragile, they are not widely used in the market.

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