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RFID promotes the management of fixed assets to be greatly improved

Fixed assets are difficult to manage due to their large number, wide distribution, and frequent changes. They have always been a major focus of corporate management. Fixed asset management includes operations such as addition, allocation, idleness, scrapping, maintenance, and inventory of assets, so that the entire process from being put into use to being scrapped and out of use is fully information-based. In the past, fixed assets have always been due to a large number of management documents, heavy inventory work, and a large amount of manpower and material resources, which made the historical operation of fixed assets and asset statistics extremely difficult, resulting in asset loss and repeated asset purchases. RFID technology has greatly improved the management of fixed assets. From the equipment purchase, the assets are bound by RFID electronic tags. The barcode number, name, equipment type, use department, purchase date, price, etc. of the asset are written in the RIFD electronic tag. Information, and control the life cycle. RFID technology provides an advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform for automatic asset identification and intelligent management. RFID technology promotes the management of fixed assets to be greatly improved

In order to improve the supervision of fixed assets, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, the RFID asset management system is of great significance: to ensure the safety of valuable materials, the stability of the development of the enterprise, and the protection of self-interest; it improves the modernization level of the management of valuable assets of the enterprise And reduce the work intensity of security management; conduct anti-theft security management of assets to prevent the occurrence of loss or leakage; conduct real-time positioning, tracking, and automatic inventory of valuable assets, making asset management automated and intelligent; liberating manual labor, Save management costs, RFID technology promotes the management of fixed assets to be greatly improved.

Highlights of RFID asset management:
Inventory: When staff count assets, they only need to hold the RFID inventory machine to read the RFID electronic tag information on the assets, and at the same time pass the read information to the server through the communication interface, and the server will then use the application software to check these Information is processed accordingly. If there is a conflict between the scanned data and the existing data in the database, an alarm will be generated, and the inventory operation will be completed after verification. At the same time generate inventory, inventory profit and inventory loss reports.

In and out of storage: RFID access control is set up at the entrance and exit of assets. When assets enter and exit the access control, the access control will automatically identify the asset with the electronic tag, read its related information, and upload the information to the background server. If the asset is moved without authorization, it is an illegal tag, and the access control will give an alarm. Similarly, when the asset arrives at the destination, it is read by its door, and the system will update the asset information.

Advantages of RFID technology in asset management:
1. Improve inventory speed: RFID inventory machine can quickly inventory, increase inventory speed by more than several times, and automatically generate inventory report.

2. Keep abreast of asset information: For each asset, you can know the total quantity, location, usage status, user, depreciation amount and other information in time.

3. Full life cycle management: RFID asset management can perform full life cycle management processes such as asset addition, allocation, requisition, inventory, maintenance, and scrap.

4. Improve management efficiency and reduce error rate: Through the RFID asset management system, automatic asset management is realized, management efficiency is increased by more than half, and the expected application effect is achieved within a certain range.

5 Assets whereabouts can be checked: every time an asset is requested for use, borrowing, transfer, maintenance, etc., a corresponding operation record will be generated, which will be approved by the asset manager, and the asset's standardized operation can be checked in time.

Asset inventory management has always been an important part of enterprise management. RFID technology is used to realize the information management of inventory items, including various special processing scenarios such as in and out of warehouses, warehouse inventory, etc. RFID technology will collect and scan data in real time The records are transferred to the database center platform. No longer relying on manpower to go to the site and spend a lot of time to carry out physical inventory, establish a standardized and informatized platform, and conduct comprehensive information collection and management of fixed assets.

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