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RFID Silicone Wristband

Waterproof RFID wristbands suited for the beach, pools, water parks, spas, gyms, sports clubs and any other RFID access control application where a waterproof bracelet is required. Available with both 125 KHz LF and 13.56 MHz HF IC’s for short to medium range reads of up to 60mm depending on the reader

Dimensions: Diameter: 65mm Circumference: 202mm Thickness: 3mm
Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Custom & Logo Printing
Material: Silicone IP68
Storage temperature: -40 to 100 degrees C
Operating temperature: -40 to 120 degrees C

Available Types
EM 4102,TK4100,or another option (125 KHz, 64 bit, R/O)
I-Code SLIX,SLI,or another opition (13.56 MHz, 512 bit, R/W, ISO/IEC 15693)
Mifare 1 S50,Ntag 213 or another opition (13.56 MHz, 1K Byte, R/W, ISO 14443 A)

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