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RFID smart medical

RFID smart medical care wears a special RFID electronic wristband tag to each inpatient. Each ward nurse workstation is equipped with an RFID handheld reader device, which automatically recognizes, collects and stores various daily patient information, and integrates medical advice and basic patient life. The attribute information of each link in the working process such as feature data is recorded in the RFID wristband tag, and the data is interconnected with the server through the RFID handheld reader. This effectively informationizes the management of the ward, improves overall work efficiency, and reduces Kind of human error. RFID technology to create smart medical care is the future trend.

A patient needs to go through three steps from seeing a doctor to receiving treatment: the doctor examines the patient and issues a doctor's order after obtaining a preliminary diagnosis, the nurse transfers the doctor's order to the infusion or treatment card and prepares to execute it, and the nurse implements the treatment plan. Each step of these three links is crucial. There can be no negligence, otherwise it will lead to medical errors. Medical order information errors can be reflected in the hospital information system, most of which can be found and corrected before the nurse executes the medical order.

The nurse confirms the patient's identity according to the patient's tag, and at the same time realizes the confirmation of the medicine when executing the medical order, and enters the system through the RFID handheld reader/writer PDA who executes the medical order, when the medical order is executed, and patient physical signs. At the same time, RFID read-write access control equipment is installed in the ward, and patients entering and leaving the ward can be automatically reflected on the nurse's station for easy management.

Based on RFID technology, a wireless nursing information system is realized, the correct identification of patient identity and medicine is realized, the closed-loop execution of medical orders is realized, and the occurrence of medical errors is effectively prevented and avoided. Solve the problem of wireless network security in the hospital and the protection of RFID information security and patient privacy data.

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