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RFID Tags Car manufacturing

One of the most demanding phases of car manufacturing is the paint shop, where the car body goes through several chemical and coating showers and baking ovens. It is not just the efficiency RFID can bring that car manufacturers are after, it’s the reliability it can provide: with the Confidex Corona tag the process yield is proven to be 99,96% in high temperatures. With a RAIN RFID real-time production monitoring system all car body related data is available continuously, such as body number, color and status.

Designed with the extreme reliability as the top priority. It is the outcome of more than ten years of development of High Temperature tags with proven reliability in the industrial applications.

Proven reliability with years of usage in the harsh automotive paint shop processes. It has holes for the mechanical attachment and can also be applied on the curved assets. With temperature resistance of 230°C for 3 hours Corona Classic offers industry leading reliability for the very business critical manufacturing processes.

SEIKO RFID Technology Ltd was found in 2008 with 10 production lines for bonding, encapsulation and injection, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HRH CO.,LIMITED who is top 5 investment enterprise in China. SEIKO RFID has became a one of largest-scale RFID tags manufacturer in China by expansion and renovation. We are forcing on the design, develop, manufacture for RFID wristband, RFID key fob, RFID Card, RFID label, RFID Tag, RFID reader and EAS with more than 10 years industry experience.

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