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RFID technology is applied in the management of truck scales

With more and more urban construction areas, coal, cement, petrochemical, grain, feed, metallurgy, chemical and all industries that require electronic weighing are constantly optimized. The weighing house is often far away from the management department and the work of the weighing staff is not available. Effective monitoring, relying on a large number of manual filling and calculation work is prone to errors. With the continuous expansion of the scale and production capacity of the management department, the importance of weighing management and many problems have become more prominent. RFID technology is used in the weighing management of truck scales.

The automatic intelligent weighing system of truck scale is a collection of long-distance RFID technology, automatic vehicle number recognition system, automatic voice command system, instantaneous capture system of weighing images, traffic light control system, infrared anti-cheating system, barrier control system, and remote monitoring system , An unattended weighing system that integrates software middleware with third-party application software. In the entire weighing process, automatic and reliable measurement data collection, automatic discrimination, automatic command, automatic processing, and automatic control are achieved, which minimizes the drawbacks and work intensity caused by manual operation, and improves the integration and information of the system Degree of integration and automation. For the management department, you can understand the current production and logistics status through the summary report in the system; for the financial settlement department, you can get a clear and accurate settlement report; the warehouse management department can learn about its own receipt and delivery of goods Situation etc. These report data can be consulted at any time, so it also strengthens management consistency, shortens the response time of decision-makers to production, improves management efficiency, reduces operating costs, and promotes enterprise information management.

There are protective measures for all data files. Authorization should be provided for the creation, modification, deletion and query of data to prevent illegal operations on the data; the modification and deletion of original data are recorded in log files for future verification.

High reliability design:

Product design must follow the principle of 24-hour uninterrupted operation; considerate electromagnetic interference protection and electrostatic protection; modular design, and the connection between each module is simple and consistent; data communication adopts international standards, and error control is rigorous; the control of the machine The internal power supply is DC/DC isolated to improve the anti-interference ability of the product and the stability of the system;

Strong environmental adaptability:

Products should use industrial-grade components to adapt to harsh and complex working environments; the structural parts are strong and firm; the service life is not less than five years, and the anti-rust and explosion-proof treatments are perfect; the ventilation, heat dissipation, earthquake resistance, and moisture-proof measures are strict and effective, and the system can support three Class-level lightning protection function, which can also defend against induced lightning;

Reliable equipment quality:

Equipment procurement, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning all follow strict quality management and control requirements;

Set up a metering and transportation vehicle dispatch center. The center can be set up in an office and needs to be connected to the factory network. The center is equipped with a card issuing system, and the metering transportation vehicle driver must receive the RFID card with specific information written into the card issuing system of the metering transportation vehicle dispatch center before they can start metering transportation.

The measurement and transportation procedures are as follows:
1. The empty truck enters the factory area, and the transport vehicle has an RFID card. The card is allowed to enter the factory area and is released after adding the identification slot.
2. The empty truck enters the weighing area of the weighbridge. In this area, 1 RFID antenna, 1 barrier, and 1 set of license plate recognition system are set up. Read and write information here: record the vehicle license plate information, empty vehicle weight, and write the identification position .
3. The empty truck enters the loading area and loads the goods. Set up an RFID antenna in this area, read and write information here: record the time when the vehicle loads the goods, the item information, and write the identification position.
4. After the loading area is full of goods, drive towards the weighbridge. There is a barrier at the entrance of the weighbridge, whose function is to open the gate when there is no car on the local weighbridge and the fully loaded truck enters the weighing waiting area of the weighbridge and meets the opening conditions;
5. Set up 1 RFID antenna, 1 barrier, and 1 set of license plate recognition system at the exit of the weighbridge. Its function is that after the local scale completes the weighing procedure, the license plate recognition system compares the vehicle license plate with the RFID card to record whether the license plate is correct. If it is correct, adjust Calculate the actual weight of the vehicle with the empty weight of the vehicle, the RFID antenna writes the vehicle weighing information, weighing time, and the vehicle weighing information is returned to the third-party management system (such as ERP, automatic deduction system, etc.) and Write the identification bit, then open the gate and release.
6. Fully loaded trucks leave the factory from the gate of the factory. The RFID antenna here reads the vehicle information to determine whether to let it go.

At present, the RFID used in the unattended truck scale weighing system is all passive RFID products, and the mainstream is the UHF working frequency in 900-960MHZ. RFID technology can realize no need to swipe the card, long-distance identification, unattended, when the car is parked on the weighing platform, the weighing software automatically collects vehicle information through the RFID device, the weighing software starts to judge the weighing data, and the weighing data is stable After capturing the photo, the gross weight or tare weight is saved at the same time, and the camera is captured and the receipt is printed, the vehicle is released, and then the next vehicle is started. When a car comes to the tare for the second time, the software automatically calls up and collects vehicle information. After the software determines that the vehicle is stable, it starts to capture the tare photos and saves the weight at the same time, and then combines the data with the first gross weight Record, calculate the net weight, and then print the receipt. In this way, the gross weight, tare weight, net weight data of the vehicle and the photos when the gross weight and tare weight are saved are saved in the computer, as well as the driver's card number, which corresponds to the vehicle number. RFID unattended truck scale weighing system is widely used in power plants, coal mines, non-ferrous metal mines, garbage dumps, cargo stations, muck and other scenarios.

RFID intelligent weighing uses computers, RFID automatic identification technology, and automatic identification control. With the rapid development of the logistics and warehousing industry, effective management of receiving and sending goods has become particularly important. The automatic intelligent weighing system of truck scale is an unattended weighing platform using RFID technology to quickly and automatically identify weighing vehicle information, improve identification efficiency, and ease the phenomenon of vehicles queuing up and weighing. RFID technology realizes long-distance automatic identification, accurate data, and is less affected by the environment, improving work efficiency and improving the level of enterprise information management.

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