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RFID to achieve greater production efficiency and improve the level of industrial automation

With the gradual promotion of automation and informatization, industrial intelligence has always attracted attention. For manufacturers, information on various links such as production line machine process flow is very important. As an important core component of the perception layer of the Internet of Things, RFID can realize intelligent identification and collection of data without contact or perception. The Internet of Things technology allows different devices to be interconnected through RFID electronic tags. The industrial manufacturing environment is very complex. Through the use of RFID electronic tags, RFID readers, and bar code, PLC and other technologies, real-time data collection of materials, work in progress, execution equipment, tooling and other multi-source links is provided for production and operation control. Basic data can effectively improve production efficiency.

Intelligent manufacturing production combines RFID technology and existing IT systems to establish a real-time management system for intelligent and digital production lines to make production more optimized and use resources more rationally, thereby increasing production capacity, asset utilization and high-quality control , Let production create greater benefits. RFID technology creates integrated intelligent production line management.

RFID technology realizes the precise positioning of AGV trolleys, unmanned transport vehicles, and unmanned transport robots, and accelerates the transportation rate. By installing an RFID card reader under the material handling trolley and installing AGV landmarks on the track, when the trolley or unmanned handling robot passes through the track node, the RFID card reader automatically obtains the AGV landmark information (enter material information, type, Quantity, etc.) to achieve precise positioning, real-time acquisition of transportation status, and grasp the real-time status of all the goods in the entire workshop or three-dimensional warehouse, thereby speeding up transportation efficiency, improving work efficiency, and realizing unmanned handling and unmanned contact management. The material transportation status of all transportation lines promotes production efficiency.

By installing RFID fixed card readers at the nodes of the production line, the trays or products are affixed to RFID electronic tags. When the items pass through the nodes, the RFID readers will automatically collect RFID electronic tag goods information, real-time, visualization, information, and data , Flexible production line management! Improve production efficiency, reduce manual input, avoid personnel contact and intersection, and improve production efficiency.

A visual production process monitoring platform can be realized through products such as station RFID readers, electronic trays, RFID electronic tag pendants, and the entire process can be tracked from rough to finished products, and the automatic reporting of products, the completed quantity of each product/batch, The current process of the workpiece, the execution equipment and operators of each process, and the actual working hours of each process, etc., provide original certification data for planning and scheduling, on-line materials, on-site logistics, and quality traceability, and provide a basis for enterprises to carry out value engineering. Form a product traceability tracking system, greatly improve the reputation of the company's products, and establish a complete quality system

The RFID intelligent chemical factory can achieve greater production efficiency and improve the level of industrial automation without direct contact with personnel. RFID technology can implement process monitoring and visual management of the production plan. RFID enhances the timeliness of production planning and scheduling in intelligent production, to a certain extent, greatly reduces some human errors in work, and improves the efficiency of the entire production line and the entire business process.

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