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Resistant Acid and Alkali RFID Tag

Need to track assets or machines exposed to extreme heat, high pressure or corrosive chemicals? SEIKO RFID, and only SEIKO RFID, has the perfect tag for you.

Many industries process assets, products or materials at elevated temperatures using carriers or containers for transportation purposes. Frequently being able to reliably and uniquely identify and track the asset or container is highly advantageous, generating efficiency and compliance benefits.

SEIKO RFID found the marketplace was in great need of a tag that could survive repeated exposures in High Temperature settings such as automotive paint booths, medical autoclave sterilization and manufacturing operations. The only available RFID tags on the market were, and continue to be, too large and bulky for most use cases, too expensive for large deployments and generally unreliable with an inconsistent resistance to high heat.

With the Fit 210, 220, 400, Exo 400 and IQ 800P HT, SEIKO RFID provides a complete family of RFID tags designed specifically for high temperature environments reaching up to 235°C. These products address the critical needs of customers with their combination of a  unique form factor, read range up to 8m and high temperature survivability – all at a very competitive price point.

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