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Types of RFID tags

There are several main types of RFID tags, and each type has different uses in various industries.
Passive tags: These are simple tags without batteries. They use high-power readers to send low-frequency radio signals to collect data. Passive tags are very cheap, usually only 10 cents each. Because they do not use batteries, they can be used forever.

Active: These tags continuously send signals to connect with RFID readers. They can accurately track real-time position and have a longer reading range than passive tags. Active tags use batteries, so they need some maintenance and upkeep to maintain functionality.

Smart: These are similar to active RFID tags, they use battery-powered sensors and the data is sent to the cloud. However, smart tags run algorithms locally before sending location data to the cloud. These tags are activated at certain time intervals, scanning their environment to find reference points, and if they move after the last scan, they will send new location information. Since smart tags only send data when necessary, they can save energy and provide more concise data.

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