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UHF RFID Tyre Tags

In the tyre management process, due to the large number of products and short inventory cycle, the manual method of entering the relevant information into the database is inefficient and prone to errors, resulting in high control costs, while the use of RFID technology to read the tag information, staff can quickly count the number of tyres without missing a beat, in order to improve efficiency and ensure the correctness of the input data, significantly reducing labour and reducing costs.

The tags operate at 860 to 960MHz and can be used worldwide. Each tag has a unique TID and cannot be changed. It is designed for tyres and can be attached to the surface of the tyre, even if there is a metal mesh inside the tyre, the maximum reading distance is still up to 15m. It is mainly used in tyres, rubber products, logistics, asset management and other fields.

Antenna size: 95x45mm
Label size: 100x50mm
Product chip: NXP Ucode 9
Standard protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)
Reading distance: 15m

Measured reading distances of 10m or more in tyres, PVC, glass, rubber products and free space

The UHF function of the handheld terminal reads and writes RFID tags to quickly and accurately obtain the production date, batch number, model, manufacturer and other information of tyres, which can realize automatic inbound, outbound, mobile, inventory and other operations; according to the data collection results, enterprises can carry out comprehensive control and management of inventory, avoiding the backlog and shortage of tyres in stock, in order to reduce inventory, reduce capital occupation To ensure that the production and operation activities are carried out smoothly.

1.UHF Spring Tyre Tag

The spring tyre tag is based on the fact that it is embedded in the tyre during the manufacturing process and will remain with the tyre throughout its life. With a unique TID, it prevents the product from being stolen or cloned. Its advantages are its small size and resistance to high temperatures of over 200°.

Material: PCB, Spring
Tag size: 84*1mm,50*1mm
Product chip: Aline H3
Standard protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)
Reading distance: 2.4m

2.UHF Tyre Patch Tag

The UHF tyre patch tag is designed for tracking finished tyres and has a unique identification code to prevent theft and cloning. It is mounted on the inside or outside of the tyre sidewall with a vulcanising agent and is mainly used for bus tyres, truck tyres, trailer tyre tracking, tyre lifecycle tracking management, etc.

Material: Rubber
Tag size: 95x35mm,85*38mm
Product chip: Alien H3
Standard protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)
Reading distance: 1m

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