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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader is a wireless electronic device, which can communicate with RFID tags through electromagnetic waves. RFID technology is widely used in logistics, inventory management, security access control and other fields, its high efficiency and portability make it an important part of the modern era of the Internet of Things. So how to use the specific RFID reader and what are the ways to connect USD RFID reader and host?

RFID read-write how to use

RFID read-write is mainly through the antenna and electronic tags for wireless communication, you can realize the tag within the data read and write. RFID read-write can be installed in the assembly line, gantry, tray and other locations, to read through or placed on the tray RFID tags, specific RFID read-write how to use? Here we come together to understand.

Read-write to normal use, must be connected to the power supply, and connected to the host computer can show the information read out, if not connected to the host computer, then, can not show to read the label information. An electronic wall-mounted reader, for example, connected to the power supply, the power indicator light is always green, there are tags close to the reader indicator will flash green, if the RFID status indicator light is always red, the reader chip connection error.

According to the use of different scenarios, can be simply divided into these three ways of use:

1. Mounting surface use

RFID read-write can be installed on the surface of the object to use, for example, can be installed individually on the desktop, we need to read the label when you can take the label close to the read-write to read, but also can be installed in the assembly line to read near the node, or installed in the gantry, labeled objects once the read-write into the read-write read range, it will be automatically read out.

2. embedded use

Can also be embedded use, such as our common self-service vending machines, self-service book machines, etc., are read-write embedded in the vending machine or book machine in the use.

3. separated use

Part of the reader can also be used alone, this is generally a handheld reader, mainly for logistics, warehousing industry. For example, our common industrial PDA, you can read the information on the label one by one, if the commodity status changes can also adjust the information within the label.

RFID read-write and the host connected to what are the ways

RFID reader can be connected to the host device through a variety of ways, including serial, USB, Ethernet and wireless connection. The following are several common ways to connect:

1. Serial connection

Serial connection is the way to connect the reader/writer to the serial port (usually called COM port). This type of connection is simple and fast, but slower, and the availability of a particular serial port may be affected by other devices.

2. USB connection

USB connection is one of the most common RFID reader connection methods. The use of USB connection can achieve higher data transfer rate, and is suitable for most computers and other devices. usb connector has the advantage of easy to identify and plug in, and provide both power and data line function.

3. Ethernet connection

Ethernet connection is a widely used standard for network connection, which can connect the reader to a host computer or LAN. Using Ethernet connection can realize higher speed and longer distance, and can access RFID reader/writer remotely through the network.

4. Wireless connection

Wireless connection is a kind of Internet of things with the development of technology and more and more popular way of connection. The use of wireless connections can be used without the use of cables or other physical connections to communicate with the RFID reader. This type of connection is ideal for scenarios where the reader needs to be moved or multiple readers need to be used.

In summary, RFID readers can be connected to the host device in many different ways to meet the needs of different application scenarios. When choosing a connection method, factors such as speed, distance, availability and convenience should be considered according to demand.

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