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What are the applications of RFID LED Tags?

The UHF LED tag was born from RFID breakthrough technology. It adds LEDs to the traditional RFID UHF tag and can identify a single very specific object; it can read data through external materials; it can identify multiple targets at the same time; the user memoery of RFID LED tags is huge as well.

RFID UHF tags with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) offer the advantages of RFID technology along with fast search and single product location. It is equipped with LED lights. When the tag needs to be located, simply select the tag's EPC number. the LED light of RFID tag will flash, allowing users to more visually identify items, making inventory counting, goods finding or other processes easier. At the same time, the UHF RFID acousto-optical LED rfid tag adopts special structural design, high brightness of LED light, compact size, flat label all plane, printer-ready, to meet the requirements of visualization system and batch initialization of RFID information, flexible and convenient application.
RFID LED tags in smart file cabinets or books
For a long time, in RFID file cabinet applications, determining which floor a document is on is no longer an issue. The problem was how to find exactly the required portfolio in a dense portfolio. Hence, RFID light file tags were born!
RFID lighted file tags are based on traditional RFID tags with LED light alerts that help enable quick location and find specified items in smart file cabinets. RFID lighted file tags have an integrated chip, antenna and LED light. It remains as thin as paper. It supports personalized printing and print codes with clear light visibility.
RFID LED tags for cable management
RFID lighting cable tags integrate LED lights on RFID tags, so it can quickly locate and find specified cables in complex cable management in server rooms. RFID lighting cable tags support printing, fast inventory, precise search and flash, solving the difficulties of traditional cable management.

The advantages of RFID lighting electronic tags include.
1. Quickly locating items and improving the efficiency of finding them.
2. improving the accuracy of picking.
3. shortening the inventory cycle.

4. Freeing hands and using paperless operation.

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