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What is difference for UHF HF NFC and LF?

According to the power supply inside the tag, RFID tags can be divided into three types: passive, semi passive (also called semi-active) and active.

Different from the passive and semi passive, the active tag has its own internal power supply to supply the power required by the internal IC to generate external signals. Generally speaking, the active tag has a long read distance and can hold a large memory capacity which can be used to store some additional messages sent by the reader. The difference between the active tag and the semi passive tag is that the active tag can actively transmit the memory data of the internal tag to the reader at any time by internal power.

Active tag, also known as active tag, has built-in battery. It can use its own power to form an effective active area around the tag, actively detect whether there is a call signal sent by the reader around, and transmit its own data to the reader.

Passive electronic tag (passive tag) has no internal battery. When it is outside the readout range of the reader, the electronic tag is in a passive state. When it is within the readout range of the reader, the electronic tag extracts the power needed for its work from the RF energy emitted by the reader. In general, passive electronic tags transmit the information of electronic tags to readers by reflection modulation.

Passive tag can be sorted of UHF HF NFC and LF by frequency.What is difference in UHF HF NFC and LF?

UHF also name RAIN RFID, which frequency between 860~960Mhz. Its protocol is EPCglobal C1 Gen2 and ISO18000-6C. EU frequency band is 865~868Mhz, US frequency band is 902~928Mhz.Different frequency has different reading distance, UHF tag applys on different object also has different reading distance, and will be blocked by metal, water and human body. UHF reading distance is longer than HF and LF, but it not stable than HF and LF.

HF and NFC both frequency are 13.56MHz, but they has different protocol, HF is ISO/IEC15693, NFC is ISO/IEC14443-A, which are not compatible. HF normal applys for Library management, ticked management and asset management. NFC main use for mobile phone.

The main frequecny of LF are 125Khz and 134.2Khz, and its protocol has ISO18000-2 and ISO11784/11785. In the animal management, normal using the ISO11784/11785

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