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Laundry Management Solutions For Hotel And Medical Linen

NO.1 Market demand analysis

Market needs
Hotels, hospitals, bathhouses and professional laundry companies are facing the challenge of handing over, washing, ironing, sorting and storing thousands of pieces of work clothes and cloths every year, so it is a great challenge to effectively track and manage the washing process, number of washes, inventory status and effective categorisation of each piece of cloth.

What are the specific pain points from the following aspects.
1. The written handover of laundry tasks is complicated and difficult to track;
2. Fear of cross-infection makes it impossible to count the number of laundry to be washed, and the mismatch between the number of laundered items and the task can easily lead to commercial disputes;
3、Each step of the washing process cannot be accurately monitored, and there is a lack of fabric treatment;
4、The washed cloths cannot be accurately categorized, which wastes storage space;

NO.2 Introduction of wireless radio frequency technology

The fabric tag is a UHF soft washing tag that can be washed more than 200 times in industry. It can withstand 60 Bar atmospheric pressure in industrial and medical washing situations, and its performance is stable and reliable.

Introduction of RFID radio frequency technology
The basic working principle of RFID technology is not complicated: the rfid laundry tag enters the magnetic field, receives the radio frequency signal from the RFID reader and sends out the product information stored in the laundry chip (passive tag) by virtue of the energy obtained from the induction current, or the tag actively sends a signal of a certain frequency. The reader reads and decodes the information and sends it to the central information system for processing of the relevant data.

NO.3 RFID textile washing management system

Brief description of the solution.
Based on RFID technology, an intelligent washing management system is set up for washing factories, hospitals/hotels (leasing relationship) to automate data collection in various operational aspects such as fabric delivery, handover, in/out, automatic sorting and inventory counting, and upload the collected data to the back-end system in real time through various handheld terminals and fixed collection terminals to grasp the status of each aspect of fabric flow in real time, and real-time The number of launderings, the cost of launderings, the number of rentals and the cost of rentals for each hotel are all counted. This enables the visualisation of the entire laundry management process and provides real-time data support for the scientific management of the enterprise.

Intelligent washing process for hospitals and hotels.
RFID textile washing management system consisting of.

1.RFID washing management software
2. Database
3. Washing tags
4. RFID tag issuer
5. Channel machine
6.Handheld device

RFID laundry management system use process

1) Data entry (fabric registration) - Desktop reader
Through the implantation of RFID High Temperature resistant washing series tags on the fabric, the fabric is given a globally unique code, making the fabric "smart fabric", which can be monitored and traced throughout the life cycle and in each flow link. With the intelligent fabric inventory cart, the amount of laundry is precise and efficient!

2) Fabric cleaning
The cloths are sorted manually and put into the conveyor belt. The cloths will be transported with the conveyor belt into the sling, which drops the dirty cloths into the main laundry dragon for cleaning. After drying the clean cloths are loaded into the white sling, folded by the machine and then transported manually to the finishing area.

3) Fabric count - clothes aisle
As each fabric passes through each specific section, the turn has information read and written by a read-write device in a fast and batch manner and the data is uploaded to a cloud server.

Channel reader features.
① High performance RFID reading system for batch scanning of woven fabrics;
② Modular construction allows for easy integration into existing laundry infrastructures
③ Highest scanning accuracy for carts containing hundreds of items;
④ Fully shielded, no risk of stray reads;
⑤ Solid construction in industrial laundry equipment to withstand normal wear and tear;
⑥ Automatic door operation through;
⑦ Door opening triggered by push button.

4) Fabric Counting - Handheld machine
Direct baling of textile soils with RFID tags sewn on. The quantity is automatically collected by the handheld machine and the ID of each soiled item read is recorded. As the data is not counted manually, it improves efficiency on the one hand and brings convenience to the demand side, providing a quality service.

Handheld machine features.
① Combined with the mobile phone APP application, it can be configured for handheld operation according to demand;
② The handheld device is equipped with a rechargeable battery and can be connected to a communication cable for self-charging use;
③ USB or Bluetooth transmission according to the user's smartphone, portable device, computer, etc.

5) Cloud-based database platform for washing systems
The platform corresponds the collected data to each business scenario and obtains the status of each business process in real time.
Processing of the data collected by the card reading devices.
① Statistical query of the quantity of cloths and laundry of each user by category;
② The total number of laundered items per day, per month and per period;
③ The amount of laundry by category (how many towels, bed linen, etc. per day);
④ Washing quantity by user and by category (amount of towels and bed linen per day, etc.);
⑤ Washing reconciliation report.

NO.4 Solution hardware products
Above: The intelligent inventory trolley makes it easier and more efficient for us to collect and distribute laundry.

NO.5 System advantages
1. Significantly reduce the operational difficulty of frontline workers and solve the problem that washing workers cannot import the information platform;
2. By applying UHF RFID and water-resistant washing tags to give each cloth an ID card, it solves the problem of mass counting and accountability of cloth;
3. Through the whole process of real-time location and quantity monitoring, we can solve the problem of accuracy of large-scale inventory in traditional enterprises;
4. Cloud-based rent + wash business system, maintenance-free, 7*24 hours technical support;
5. Through the whole process of customer transparency WeChat APP software, solve the problem of mutual trust and data sharing between customers and washing enterprises.

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