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Quotes of RFID Ear Tag from Malaysia and Uganda

In October 2020, we got some quotes of rfid ear tag from Malaysia and Uganda clients, below is the details:

1. Hi - Please can you send me a price for 500 000 animal RFID tags 33 RFID readers 75 Ear RFID Tag Applicators KInd Regards

2. Product: RFID tags Cattle Tracking SRAE07
Quote: quote for 50 electronic tags
<a href=https://www.seikorfid.com/UHF-RFID-Tag.html target='_blank'>RFID tags</a> Cattle Tracking
3. Product: RFID Microchip Glass Transponder With Syringe
Quote: Hi Can you supply a quote for:
1. The supply of 40000 RFID Microchip Glass Transponder
2. Destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3. How long will it take to manufacture and supply? Thanks

4. Product: Customized RFID Ear Tag
Quote: Hi, i would like to purchase RFID customized pig ear tags for my pig farm based in Uganda. Could you let me know how to go by all the requirements involved in setting up all of this system in the farm. Thank you
Customized RFID Ear Tag
SEIKO RFID Technology Ltd was found in 2008 with 10 production lines for bonding, encapsulation and injection, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HRH CO.,LIMITED who is top 5 investment enterprise in China. SEIKO RFID has became a one of largest-scale RFID tags manufacturer in China by expansion and renovation. We are forcing on the design, develop, manufacture for RFID wristband, RFID key fob, RFID metal tag, RFID laundry tag, UHF RFID tag, RFID Reader and EAS with more than 10 years industry experience. Please feel free to contact us: sales@seikorfid.com

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