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RFID For Warehouse and Inventory Management

Using RFID technology, it is possible to equip each personnel with an RFID label. Through the installation in the warehouse RFID read-write, it is possible to achieve automatic recognition and position positioning of personnel. The same method can be applied to the material. In this way, each material has an "identity ID" that belongs to it. Through the distribution of RFID readers in each circulation link, it is possible to understand the location of the material at any time, so that manufacturing companies have a good idea of the whereabouts of their products and materials.

With RFID, on-site data collection is fast and nearly 100% accurate, eliminating the chance of human error and the resulting costs. At the enterprise level, by having inventory and order information at your fingertips, it greatly eliminates order delays, shipping errors, reduces inventory pressure and eliminates "fault" costs, thus improving customer satisfaction and enhancing the image and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Traditional warehouse problems

In the long-term warehouse management system development work services we found that.

1, relying on manual entry or barcode, two-dimensional code scanning data collection efficiency is low.

2, system data and goods inventory time cost is high.

3It is difficult to implement the tracking and responsibility for the movement of goods in the warehouse.

4High cost of personnel supervision and inefficient goods inspection.

5, the use of barcode technology, the product out of the warehouse also can not be monitored, resulting in losses to the enterprise.

These problems, have affected the enterprise's warehouse management difficulty and efficiency, and make the cost high.

Application of RFID technology advantages

Through the RFID reader to identify RFID tags and access to relevant data, identification work without human intervention, as a wireless version of the bar code, RFID technology has a bar code does not have the waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature, long service life, read distance, tags on the data can be encrypted, storage data capacity is greater, storage information change freely, etc., can bring revolutionary warehouse management Changes.

01Efficient information collection

Install RFID tags for goods as the only identity, real-time records, anti-counterfeit traceability, and then through the RFID reader automatically identify the information of the goods, to achieve the automatic collection and verification of inbound and outbound or inventory information, comprehensive tracking of goods flow dynamics, and synchronous update to the system. This has greatly improved the work efficiency compared with the traditional barcode and 2D code scanning.

02Accurate goods inventory

RFID reader to the need for inventory goods quickly and accurately read, the number of goods, location and status of data conduction to the system, automatically compared with the original data to generate inventory reports, greatly reducing the error rate, improve efficiency, while also saving labor costs.

03Fine shift management

The RFID warehouse tag can confirm the position of the goods, and the system will record and update the change data of the position of the goods, so that the shifting operation can be controlled in an orderly manner, preventing management chaos and realising all-round real-time management.

04Optimisation of early warning system

By setting up an early warning system for cargo information, the rfid warehouse system can automatically distinguish the warning level in case of abnormal situations such as the quantity of goods being lower than the warning value or the goods being out of storage in violation of the law, and at the same time link up the monitoring system to send a warning signal.

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