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RFID Metal Tag

RFID Metal Tag

It's a well-known fact that metal causes two major problems for radio frequency identification transponders: It can reflect energy away from a tag, and it can detune a tag antenna, preventing it from receiving energy from a reader.

Several years ago, RFID providers met the physics challenge: They developed "on-metal" tags, now available in a wide variety of sizes and frequencies, that enable companies in myriad industries to track metal assets and to use RFID in warehouses and other environments that contain metal fixtures. Many on-metal tags are designed to withstand harsh environments, so companies in the construction, energy and manufacturing sectors can use RFID to track parts, pipes, tools and other equipment.

Mounting or embedding RFID tags on metal is a tricky proposition for the uninformed, and the informed for that matter. Metal surfaces reflect energy emitted from RFID readers and create interference for RFID tag antennas, which means the tag isn’t able to receive power and transmit information; however, specific RFID tags will work around metal surfaces. RFID companies have patented technology that allows RFID to work when attached to metal surfaces and even embedded within metal products. As long as you choose the correct RFID equipment for your situation and application, you won’t need to worry about interference from metal.

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