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RFID Apparel Solution

RFID for apparel retail

Using RFID tags to track and manage can greatly improve asset tracking activities by automating processes, improving data accuracy, and better securing. RFID can fully automate this process and make it easier for staff to locate and identify assets, as well as track when they are moved or removed for maintenance or disposal.Using HF or UHF RFID technologies, selling operations are much faster, accurate, secure, dependable and cost efficient with the help of RFID asset tracking system.RFID clothing tags for the apparel start with the receiving of goods into the warehouse and ends with the point of sale operations. RFID can be used in telling the condition and location of an object. The tag can then be read using a reader.

Your Benefits

  1. To prevent over-stocking or under-stocking a product or component
  2. For stock security, by positioning tag-readers at points of high risk, such as exits, and causing them to trigger alarms
  3. For quality control, particularly if you make or stock items with a limited shelf life product authentication and counterfeit management

Components of an RFID System

  1. RFID tracking software
  2. Passive RFID tags that are electronically programmed with unique information
  3. RFID label printing service
  4. RFID tag reader or writer to query the tags

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