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  • RFID Document Management
RFID Document Management
RFID Document Management

RFID based file tracking solution

RFID for office

The technology of radio-frequency identification, or RFID, which transfers data stored on tags on a product or other object, facilitating identification and tracking.Use UHF RFID tags and labels to quickly track and trace important files and documents.Bar code documents and records is an easy way to track the document’s time stamp and location.In addition to being able to easily locate and provide their security, there are many other reasons that organizations need to know the where about of a specific document such a file, form, fax, contract, invoice, confidential document, etc.These vital resources require the ability to access quickly, and RFID is the key to speed up this process.The documents are tagged with RFID inlays and they are identified with unique ID numbers.While mobile readers are used for locating / retrieving them, RFID portals are used to trace them through different gates.

Your Benefits
  1. Never lose an important file again
  2. Track the current location of files in real-time along with the complete chain-of-custody
  3. Fully supports the use of both bar code and RFID
  4. Protect records from inappropriate and unauthorized access
  5. Reduce costs, ensure compliance, and streamline business processes
  6. Quickly retrieve documents and information from files
Components of an RFID system
  1. RFID tracking software
  2. Passive RFID tags that are electronically programmed with unique information
  3. RFID label printing service
  4. RFID tag reader or writer to query the tags

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