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  • RFID Logistic Management
RFID Logistic Management
Logistics Management
RFID in supply chain management, inventory control and pallet tracking

RFID for Warehouse
The technology of radio-frequency identification, or RFID, which transfers data stored on tags on a product or other object, facilitating identification and tracking.Walmart has been using RFID technology for about a decade and cites numerous benefits, including more efficient inventory management. The company initially introduced RFID to track pallets of merchandise traveling along its supply chain, including at warehouses.
  1. Fast : fast logistics efficiency, goods transfer points quickly, improve the efficiency of logistics operations
  2. Data Precision : goods data collection accurately from in all aspects of logistics management
Shipping and receiving management application
The Shipping and Receiving application speeds up product flow through your warehouse facility while reducing manual labor and errors.

Inventory count application
With RFID tag inventory, the time and labor for performing inventory counts can be greatly reduced, without shutdowns or disruptions to operations.

Logistics asset tracking application

The logistics asset tracking application keeps track of your logistics assets both within the facility and as they enter and leave your facility.

Your Benefits

  1. Improve the quality and transparency of data across the supply chain
  2. Make it easier to implement flexible manufacturing processes
  3. Increase the accuracy of and reduce the time spent taking inventories
  4. Reliable track and trace in challenging physical environments
  5. Increase efficiency and cut down on rework
  6. Components of an RFID system

RFID tracking software
  1. Passive RFID tags that are electronically programmed with unique information
  2. RFID label printing service
  3. RFID tag reader or writer to query the tags

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