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RFID Tracking Automotive
RFID Tracking Automotive

vehicle tracking solutions with radio-frequency identification RFID tags – car tracking and truck tracking

RFID Windshield Vehicle Tracking Tag
RFID Windshield Tag can be used to track vehicles going into and out of parking garages, car washes, stations of any sort. Great for automating access control, adopting membership/loyalty programs, and more. Simply apply this convenient RFID tag onto glass surfaces. The layer of strong adhesive resists peeling in hot and cold conditions, but can be easily removed without tearing the tag.

RFID for Automotive
Radio-frequency identification RFID technology for vehicle tracking applications ranging from tolling and border control to fleet and fuel management.
Automatic vehicle identification
Real-time fleet management
High speed read RFID

Long Range with High Speed Vehicle Identification Tag
The long range UHF RFID tag can be mounted on the windshield. The card holder identifies the vehicle. The reader is configured to only proceed with reading any ID.

The reader will at that time identify the vehicle (card holder) and the driver (the card in the card holder). Only relevant UHF tags are read which prevents errors and limits security risks.

Your Benefits
  1. Excellent read performance and range
  2. Fade- and UV-resistant ink
  3. Passive, battery free tag
  4. Custom barcode data/readable printing available on both sides

Components of an RFID system
  1. RFID tracking software
  2. Passive RFID tags that are electronically programmed with unique information
  3. RFID label printing service
  4. RFID tag reader or writer to query the tags

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