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  • RFID Anti-Metal Tags SRU085
  • RFID Anti-Metal Tags SRU085
RFID Anti-Metal Tags SRU085RFID Anti-Metal Tags SRU085

RFID Anti-Metal Tags SRU085

  • Item: SRPC02M4QT
  • MOQ: 500PCS
  • Price: 0.5~1.0$/PC
  • Lead Time: 10~20 days
  • Product description: The RFID-on-metal tags are designed to compensate for the effects of metal.The original method was to provide a spacer to shield the tag antenna from the metal, creating bigger tags. New techniques fo

The RFID-on-metal tags are designed to compensate for the effects of metal.The original method was to provide a spacer to shield the tag antenna from the metal, creating bigger tags. New techniques focus on specialized antenna design that utilizes the metal interference and signal reflection for longer read range than similar sized tags attached to non-metal objects.RFID-on-metal transponders will continue to create new opportunities for users in a wide range of asset tracking and broader industrial applications. The main applications are asset tracking on servers and laptops in IT data centers, industrial manufacturing quality control and manufacturing, oil and gas pipeline maintenance, and gas cylinders.The technology is evolving to allow transponders to be embedded in metal. The capability allows manufacturers to track small metal items from cradle to grave. The main focus for RFID inside metal is tool tracking, weapon tracking, and medical device quality control.

Physical Specifications











Functional Specifications




EPC global C1 Gen2,ISO18000-6C


Impinj M4QT


EPC 128bits, USER 512bits, TID64bits

Data Retention

50 years

Write Endurance

100,000 cycles

Reading Range

(Fix Reader: ThingMagic FU-M6-E)

9.8M (4W, 36dBm), On metal

4.8M (4W, 36dBm), Off metal

Reading Range

(Handheld Reader: R2000)

6.0M (1W, 30dBm), On metal

2.8M (1W, 30dBm), Off metal

Environmental Specifications


Metal Surfaces, Outdoor

Mounting Methods

Adhesive, Screw

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature



Reach Approved, RoHS Approved, CE Approved

Packing Detail



Asset management

Specification Of RFID Metal Mount Tag

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Major Applications of RFID Metal Mount Tag:

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