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RFID Ear Tag

  • Customized RFID Ear Tag
  • Customized RFID Ear Tag
Customized RFID Ear TagCustomized RFID Ear Tag

Customized RFID Ear Tag

  • Material: ABS、TPU
  • Chip: LF、UHF
  • Color: Red、Green、Or Customized
  • Weight: 1-25g
  • Product description: RFID ear tag also known as smart RFID ear tags it’s mainly used for tracking cattle, sheep, pig, horse, etc. Our RFID tags designed with superior and long read range. Get it now at an affordable price

Effective Impacts of rfid ear tags

Seiko supplier of RFID ear tag will provide top notch products which meet international standards. With the assistance of our experts, we have had the option to offer our customers with an rfid ear tag. It is structured and delivered on the imported abnormal state microchips and it very well may be served to go through and compose, and furthermore has an interesting plan for information security. Seiko is the fashioner every one of the things being advertised. These are otherwise called RFID ear tag for an animal the board. The RFID ear tag, RFID reader and ear tag instrument are for the most part veritable tags created and made by Seiko.

Various factors of RFID Ear Tag:

It is being utilized in animal raising, animal rearing, animal cultivation, butcher house the board and different spots it is utilized to follow the animal recognizable proofs. This age of Tamper verification EID - Electronic Identification Device Tag has a one of a kind structure that gives a definitive in convenience, security, and maintenance. We commit ourselves to give RFID ear tags answers for animal following, animal farming data and sanitation, and source following administration. The transponder numbers are laser imprinted in a round organization on the edge of the tag. This tag satisfies every single worldwide rule of animal recognizable proof.

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