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RFID Key Fob

  • RFID Key Fobs
RFID Key Fobs

RFID Key Fobs

  • Material: ABS
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Price: 0.2~0.5$/PC
  • Lead Time: 10~20 days
  • Product description: Want to get the RFID key fobs at the best price? Find it here at Seikorfid and attract the attention of all your surrounding people with an elegant yet beautiful RFID smart key tags.

Are you looking for the one-stop destination to purchase key fobs? SEIKO is the right choice for your needs. We offer the best quality and uniquely made key fob suitable for different needs and requirements. The specialized thing about our rfid key fob is that it is available in different sizes. It is good news for everyone that we offer key fobs in an endless range of colours. With more options, we make it simpler for our customers to find their favorite colour and preferred size based on their individual tastes and preferences. We only supply the most impressive and long-lasting key fob made of superior quality and sturdy materials. It ensures that our customers will enjoy better durability and complete satisfaction while using our key fob.

Enjoy customization facilities

This kind of key fob is suitable for several applications. It includes card payment, attendance management, access control and much more. Most significantly, we offer customization facilities to our customers to take their experience to the new level. Our rfid key fob is really cost-effective and secure. Also, it provides an enhanced user experience. It is not only suitable for opening doors but also used for an array of applications. The cost of our key fob is very affordable and budget-friendly.

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