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RFID Linen Management

Using science and technology to help the intellectualization of hotel linen.With the advent of the era of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the accommodation experience. The application of independent check-in system and smart home has contributed to the intelligent service of the hotel. As an indispensable part of hotel service, linen directly affects the comfort and sleep experience of customers. Therefore, the management of linen in hotel has always been the top priority in all work.

In order to adapt to the tide of hotel service technology, rabbit two has supported the Internet plus as a fulcrum, independently developed the hotel grass RFID logistics management system, the hotel's cloth and grass unmanned transfer system, the city intelligent storage and distribution system, the grass sharing system, the heavy pollution treatment system and the corresponding hardware parts, and applied it to the hotel's cloth washing and rental service. It has realized the management of the whole cloth washing factory and the collection and collection of laundry bills.

By implanting RFID chip into the linen, the rabbit sophomore completed the tasks of sorting, packing and conveying of linen by using image monitoring technology, and realized the real-time control of the whole business flow of linen warehousing, washing and logistics. At the same time, rabbit II also uses EPC database to realize the whole life cycle management of cloth grass, so that the production, replacement, scrap and other aspects of the data are clearly visible.

Control the high standard of linen service with quality
On the intelligent Internet of things platform of rabbit sophomore, every link from delivery, distribution to washing and logistics of a piece of cloth is monitored by chips. Hotels and washing factories can confirm the category of linen bags by scanning the sealed QR code. This not only reduces the tedious and errors caused by manual work, but also greatly improves the management efficiency of hotel linen, Better help the hotel to carry out standardization, data, transparent control of linen.

In order to ensure the high standard and high efficiency of linen service, relying on chip technology and IOT intelligent storage system, rabbit No.2 started the whole process intelligent management of linen circulation, and established cross city two-level logistics and night distribution mode. By establishing multiple self-supporting warehouses around the service city, it can distribute goods nearby according to the hotel location and arrange the lines scientifically, It not only provides a feasible solution to reduce or eliminate pollution in the first and second tier cities in the future, but also ensures the timely delivery of linen.
At the same time, in order to realize the whole industry chain operation of the platform, rabbit No.2 also established a professional linen R&D team and independently established a large central washing plant, which not only improves the quality of linen, but also provides a solid foundation for the implementation of the big washing strategy. In this process, rabbit II not only achieved the unity of comfort and durability of linen, but also brought the new washing mode of high standard, automation, scale and intensive into the industry, realizing the innovation and breakthrough in the field of cloth washing.

In the Internet age, Bunny's innovative linen management mode not only fully guarantees the safety and quality of linen, but also brings more comfortable accommodation experience to customers, and accelerates the transformation of traditional hotels. In the future, rabbit II will continue to explore the Internet of things, constantly improve the intelligent system of the platform, and contribute to the upgrading of smart hotel.

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